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by Rob   on September 23, 2009
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Protangle is a smart puzzle game where you have to tactfully reorganize some jumbled lines so that no line crosses another line.
Puzzle game.
Supported Platforms
Protangle is compatible with all OS versions from 2.1 and over in iPhone® and iPod touch®.
Is It For You?
If you love to solve analytic and visual puzzles, Protangle is for you. You will have to visualize a lot, which will increase your analytical skills and critical thinking. Also, it is really fun to solve each of the problems.
The screen will show several balls scattered across the screen, with many lines connecting the balls. These lines crisscross the screen. You can move a ball by touching it, and by that the lines connected to that ball change positions. The objective of the game is to arrange the balls so that there are no crossings.
The lines that have some crossing are marked with bright white, while the ones with no crossings are marked with black. At first, most lines are marked as white. As you progress with the puzzle, more and more lines will be marked as black. At the end, there will be no white lines, denoting a solution.

Tip: Generally, you make a move which reduces number of white lines. All the time you drag a ball, observe the lines for a situation which is better than the current one. Try to keep balls having more lines with them at the center of the screen and balls having fewer lines near the sides of the screen.

Game modes
There are two modes: the Normal Mode and the Challenge Mode.
Normal Mode vs Challenge Mode
There are two modes of game play i.e. Normal Mode and Challenge Mode. In Normal Mode, you will have as much time as you like to discover a solution. Point distribution depends solely on fast and quick solution. This Mode is actually a practice ground for Challenge Mode.
In Challenge Mode, you will have a certain objective to accomplish: you have to solve the puzzle within a limited time. The hardness of the challenge is determined according to the game level.

Levels And Stages
The Normal Mode has 42 levels where each level contains a graph to solve with no time constraint. Challenge Mode has a time constraint.
Scoring Policy
In Challenge Mode, you will get time bonus which is calculated as below:
Level Point =10 + Level Number *10
Bonus = Level Number * Time Saved
And Total Point = Level Point + Bonus
Global Leader Board
In leader board, you can submit your score to see your rank among all players in the world. Also, it will display the top 10 users with their scores.
Feedback, Tell-A-Friend, Notification Service
You can send feedback, report bug or send suggestion using Send Feedback option. A dedicated support team is there to respond to those requests. Also, you can recommend the game to your friends using Tell-A-Friend. feature. You can also subscribe to the newsletter to get updates of Protange and information about newly released applications and games from us.

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