App Review: Animation Creator by Red Software LLC

by Rob   on October 16, 2009
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animation4 200x300 App Review: Animation Creator by Red Software LLCAnimation Creator by Red Software LLC is a nifty app that allows you to draw and create your own animations – frame by frame. I first downloaded Animation Creator a couple of days ago and started into my first animation, these are my findings while using this app.

So, like everyone else, I too am intrigued by creating my own animations. There’s a lot of programs out there, for either your desktop or even your iPhone, to help in fulfilling this desire. However, Animation Creator caught our attention.

Animation Creator has a pretty large swath of tools that you can use to create your own animation. However, the application is not without its issues and gripes: for starters, the app does not include any template animations. Once you launch the app there is nothing to help get you started, you must start fresh with no frames. For an animation app this was a little annoying, I would have expected there be several pre-existing animations that we could tinker with before starting our own. The other gripe I had is that pulling up the tools menu is too difficult: you must first tap the screen with three (3) fingers, then touch the tools button. Since tools are one of the things you pull up the most it is a bit cumbersome. Finally, by no fault of the app, I found it often too difficult to paint on the screen with my fingers. I don’t have large fingers at all, but being even remotely precise is simply not possible.

As I mentioned, the app has a lot of tools for creating your own animations. Using these tools you can create some fun animations, just don’t expect anything that is TV worthy. For the price of 99 cents, you can’t go wrong in trying, especially if you at all like animations or creating your own. However, be warned though, that animations take significant time to create – especially one frame at a time. Animation Creator has a good start so hopefully we’ll keep seeing the improvements and enhancements come (templates, please!).

What we liked: Large selection of tools, intuitive animation creation.
What we didn’t like: No templates to get you started, too many actions to get to the tools, time consuming to get even a basic animation.

Here’s it’s list of features (from their app listing):

• A beautiful, easy to use interface
• Full screen editing, no annoying tools in the way
• Paint brush
• Eraser
• Frame positioning
• Frame rotation
• Line
• Rectangle
• Line width selection
• Circle
• Color selection palettes
• Color selection sliders, including transparencies
• Shadowing, your creations pop off the screen
• Shake to undo
• Zooming and panning
• Background from photo library
• Background from camera
• Add, delete and copy frames, easily
• Quick menu system, touch and hold one finger
• On the fly frame rate adjustment
• ‘Onion Skinning’, see an overlay of previous frame
• Up to 24fps on iPhone 3GS and new iPod Touch, up to 12fps on iPhone 2G/3G.
• Rotate frame with Positioner tool
• Improved Move tool performance
• Renamed ‘Move’ tool to ‘Positioner’ tool
• Save brush size on exit
• Increased zoom level
• Double tap with two fingers to quick zoom
• More frames per second with new iPod Touch


3 Responses to “App Review: Animation Creator by Red Software LLC”
  1. Aleks says:

    I like this app…
    One great feature that i could use though would be to add the ability to match an audio track from itunes to it.

  2. StopMo says:

    I figured out a way to add music. After you upload to Youtube use the AudioSwap.
    Another way to do it is to shoot a digial video while the animation is playing on your iPod and import to iMovie, and add music, sound effects, narration.

    I did that here –

  3. Koka says:

    Hello I am relly like Animator… but some problem is really exist. first is export. I can’t work directly cannot export like a movie in my computer to work on this piece with other program.


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