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by Rob   on October 9, 2009
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backbreaker football23 300x200 App Review: Backbreaker Football by NaturalMotion Games ltdI’m a fan of Madden just as much as the next guy. However, one thing I’ve always thought was missing from the game was the ability to be the guy with the ball, running and dodging your opponent and having an up-close view of that play, as it happens. Well, that’s where Backbreaker Football [Tackle Alley] by NaturalMotion Games comes in. Backbreaker Football puts the ball in your hands, and has you run it down the field for the TD. That’s it, there’s nothing more to do than to run the ball in, but for this game, it’s enough!

As I mentioned, you are the runner, you have the ball, and you must get it to the end zone. However, you must also do everything you can to not get tackled in some spectacular way! Although, getting tackled is also half the fun! You have no teammates on the field to help you, you are a sole player against your opponent who’s only job is to bring you down hard. Easy levels start with you against one opponent player, as you pass waves (levels) there are more and more opponents and they get harder and harder to avoid. There are a total of 50 waves to pass.

Graphics are, well, simply amazing! The “camera” follows you from behind as you run up the field towards the end zone. If you’re tackled, which you will be, the game replays the play in several different camera angles for your added enjoyment. If the tackle wasn’t that spectacular and you don’t want to review the play, then skipping it is easy, just touch the skip button. Controls are also excellent as the game uses a combination of accelerometer and touch screen controls. Tilt your device left or right to steer, tilt forward to move forward. On the touchscreen, touch and hold the “lightning bolt” to run and touch the left or right juke buttons to juke left or right. There’s also left and right spin buttons to spin around your opponent for added bonus points. Once you’ve made it past all of the opponents you can “showboat” your way into the end zone by touching the showboat button.

Backbreaker Football is a great single player game.  However, the game would have been near perfect if it had a multiplayer option.  Playing against on of your friends as they try to tackle you would make this game even more awesome!  Let’s hope they add such a feature.

We found that occasionally, players would go through you, rather than hitting you.  This is about the only issue we found with Backbreaker Football.  Our only other issue, if this is even an issue, as that the game does get a little redundant after a while.

After installing Backbreaker Football we couldn’t put it down. Game play was fun and addictive and we loved the replay ability of the plays, especially some of the more fantastic hits and tackles.  If you’re a football fan than just loves the big hits in the games then Backbreaker Football is definitely for you. Backbreaker Football is all about big hits and spectacular plays that you make, and being able to watch the replays.

What we liked: Awesome graphics, fun game play, a game to show your friends.
What we didn’t like: Occasional glitches in the game (mainly opponents going through you), limited long term playability (gets redundant), missing multiplayer function.

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  1. They will Controls are also excellent as the game uses a combination of accelerometer and touch screen controls.


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