App Review: Boom Brigade by 10tons ltd

by Rob   on October 5, 2009
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boom brigade21 300x200 App Review: Boom Brigade by 10tons ltdAccording to the 10tons’ description of Boom Brigade, the game is a cross between tower defense, line drawing and top-down style games. I’m a huge fan of tower defense games and have been recently playing many of the line drawing games as well. So, to take these genres and attempt to mix them up, well, we just had to give it a try. Read on to see how we liked it….

The idea is to defend your base from attacking aliens (?). You have a top-down view of the battle field with your base on the right side. When the battle begins, your reinforcement runs out from the base onto the field and enemies start to enter the field. You move your reinforcement(s) by drawing lines on the field for him to follow, he shoots automatically at the enemies. You also get to pick from three different types of reinforcements (one holding a machine gun, one holding a shotgun and one holding a grenade launcher). Each of them has their own pros and cons (grenade launcher kills a lot of aliens with one shot, but takes time to reload, for example).

Waves of enemies gets progressively more difficult and once you’ve completed one level you are awarded with another reinforcement on the battle field. As you kill the enemies, some of them will leave health power-ups or money on the field, you need to run (draw a line) over and pick them up. Once you get enough money you can upgrade your weapons so that they are more effective. You can also pay to fix your base if you’ve let the enemy get close to it to try to destroy it.

As the enemy approaches they will try and kill your soldiers on the battlefield. You must move your soldiers so that they are not killed easily by the attacking enemy. To do this, simply put your finger on one and draw a line on the field, he will then follow the line. The more soldiers on the field the more time you spend moving them around so that they don’t get killed easily. This can easily get into fast-paced game as you are constantly moving the soldiers to either get a power up or escape certain death from an enemy.

Reviews on iTunes are kinda mixed, however, I found that Boom Brigade did a superb job in mixing three different game styles into one. Boom brigade is currently my number one played game on my iPhone and will likely remain that way for some time. Some players will find that the base is destroyed a little too easy, which was my take at first. However, once you learn to defend it more then it’s not such a big deal.

For a quick 5 to 10 minute game experience Boom Brigade delivers excitement and strategy that makes this one a keeper for me.

What we liked: Excellent implementation of a mixed genre, fun game play and a great overall experience.
What we didn’t like: Some will find the game too difficult, games can be short/fast especially if you don’t upgrade weapons.


  1. Be sure to keep your soldiers moving around the battle field.  Keeping them in one place will spell certain death for them.
  2. Pick up the money and health power ups.  Use the money to upgrade your weapons. You must upgrade to survive.
  3. If you’re solder is getting attacked, MOVE HIM!! (see #1!!).
  4. Soldiers health does not last long.
  5. Your base health does not last long.  If enemies are hammering on your base, go kill them.


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