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by Rob   on October 7, 2009
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galcon labs3 200x300 App Review: Galcon Labs by Galcon.comGalcon Labs, the sequel to the original Galgon reviewed back in March, is out!  If you, like many of us here at, found yourself addicted to planet invasions and takeovers, then you’ll enjoy the updated version.

Galcon Labs brings updated graphics (albeit minor) and some new game play. Available game types now include: Classic, Crash, Billiards, Stealth and Assassin.  When you launch the game you select one player or multi-player:

  • Single Player.  Single player gives you the traditional style game along with some new types.
  • Multi-Player.  This is the same as single player but now you play against a real person and not the computer. You must create an account on the network to play multi-player.

If you select single player, you are presented with the list of game types to choose from. They are:

  • Classic.  This is your classic Galcon that everyone is familiar with.
  • Crash.  Crash is a new twist on invasion.  If your ships cross paths with the enemy ships they “crash” into each other and cancel each other out.
  • Billiards.  Billiards has the planets sorta floading around and bumping into each other. Otherwise it’s the same as classic.
  • Stealth. Stealth is where you and your enemies ships are invisible.  However, you do see when they leave (visible for just a moment) and what planet they attack.  So it’s still pretty easy to track.
  • Assassin.  This game style is different and we’re not sure it adds much playability.  However, the idea here is to target the planets that have been preselected for you to conquer. There may be other planets (or even players) going, but you don’t need to worry about them, only the ones that have been selected.

When you select Single Player, similar to the original Galcon, you select your difficultly.  Playing the default difficulty (cabin boy) is not much of a challenge at all, but good to learn on. As I mentioned earlier, graphics in galcon have also been updated.  However, the update is pretty minor.

Galcon Labs is a great sequel to the original Galcon.  We like Galcon and even Galcon Labs because it can be mindless game play of planetary takeover with various twists.  So if you’re looking for a new twist on this classic iPhone game then have a look at Galcon Labs.


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