App Review: Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike by Realtech VR

by Rob   on October 20, 2009
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ironfist boxing3 14 200x300 App Review: Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike by Realtech VRIron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike by Realtech VR showed up in our inbox a few days ago. Having seen some of the previews already I was excited to start playing it and get a review out on it. So, after a few days of playing, I can tell you that WOW, what amazing graphics! (more on that later).

Iron Fist Boxing was recently updated to version 3.0 on the 13th. This new version brings several enhancements and changes however, this review will focus on the game as a whole. First though, some of these new enhancements and changes deliver a new high when it comes to graphics on the iPhone. Leveraging the new Open GL ES 2.0 of the iPhone 3GS and 3rd Generation Touch, Iron Fist Boxing now brings shadows, lighting and greater detail in the already excellent 3D graphics. Gizmodo recently did a comparison of these enhancements by running the game on a 3GS iPhone and an iPhone. The results are remarkable and demonstrate just how good the new graphics chips are in the newer devices. However, you’ll need one of the new devices (3GS or 3rd gen Touch) in order to view the differences.

When you launch the game you are given several game mode types. One of them is training, which I highly recommend you start here. Getting to know all of the moves and how and when to block is critical, because without some practice you will surely get KO’d and probably not even know why or how to stop it. So, spend the few minutes, learn the moves, then move onto the other fight games.

I’ve only really done the training mode and the “career” game. However, there is also sparring, speedbag, punchbag and “punchometer” for you to play. I also did not get a chance to try out bluetooth head to head playing as I simply ran out of time before this writeup.

Selecting “career” allows you to choose one of 9 players, each with differing strengths and weaknesses. After playing a couple of the players (and getting whooped), I chose player number 9 and finally started to get some KO’s of my own. So, if you’re having some trouble, chose a different fighter or go back to the training to practice up again.

There’s a lot of unlocking to do with Iron Fist Boxing, you unlock special moves, levels and more. You also earn artwork and achievements as you go along. There’s enough to unlock and earn to keep anyone boxing for hours.

I found gameplay to be excellent. There’s something to be said about “virtually” throttling someone while sitting in class or at your desk! However, as I mentioned, you must learn the moves in order to get to KO-ing anyone. Many moves are easy and straight forward, but there are others that are tricky, require tilting your device as you swipe the screen and so forth. It’s these trickier moves that will get you to the winners corner!

I had one complaint really of playing Iron Fist Boxing – if you get knocked down it’s pretty much impossible to get back up. The problem is that you are presented with a “minigame” of sorts that you must master in order to get up off the ground. If you can’t do it in the 9 seconds, then you’re done. This was getting annoying and I never did figure it out, I just changed fighters then I started to win. Also, if you KO your opponent, so far he does appear to get up the first time – every time. So be sure to finish him!

I recommend Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike to anyone that enjoys sports games, especially fighting games. Graphics are superb and game play is fun and exciting when you’re kicking ah…

What we liked: Graphics. Need a game to show off the graphics of your shiny new iPhone or iTouch? This is it. WOW!, Kicking butt – where can you go wrong?
What we didn’t like: Difficulty in recovering from getting knocked down, looong intro screens (can we cut the video? thanks!).


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