App Review: Mail Notifier by Enflick Inc.

by Rob   on October 1, 2009
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mail notifier4 200x300 App Review: Mail Notifier by Enflick Inc.Here at AppChatter we’ve been on a quest lately to find the best way to get notified when you receive email. We’ve even resorted to forwarding our email to a Yahoo! email account, since the iPhone/Touch supports push for Yahoo! out of the box. We were also delighted when Google announced last week that they now natively support push GMail via Exchange.  However, if you have more than one GMail account then even the Exchange solution wont help you for more than the first one (only one Exchange account can be setup on your device at a time).  Needless to say that with everything we’ve tried so far, nothing is perfect.

Mail Notifier by Enflick Inc is trying to overcome all of these limitations.  We announced Mail Notifier a few weeks back and and then waited to get an app code from the developer and for the past couple of days have been using the service.

The one thing that Mail Notifier offers above all of the other solutions thus far, is the ability to have push notifications for more than just GMail.  In fact, Mail Notifier will bring push notifications for your AOL, GMail and Windows Live (Hotmail) email accounts.  What’s even better than that is if you have more than a single GMail account (or any of the others) you can configure the app to push notifications for all of them.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve been using Mail Notifier for a few days now and unlike anything else we’ve tried thus far this app actually works and works well.  We’ve consistently been notified on all incoming emails on multiple accounts using Mail Notifier.  Setup is as simple as entering your credentials to one or more of the three email types and away you go.

The one drawback, if there is one, is the rather steep price.  At $4.99 Mail Notifier is one of the more expensive options we’ve tested so far.  However, that price comes with many advantages over any other option: It actually works, you can push more than one GMail account (or AOL or Hotmail), it’s a single cost that you’ll easily get your value from if you depend on email notifications.

If you’re like us and have been looking for a way to get push notifications from all of your various email account types then we urge you to take a look at Mail Notifier by Enflick Inc.  After 4 days of use, we’re impressed and happy with this service.

Update: The latest update to Mail Notifier (v.2) brings some great enhancements.  The enhancements are:

- Option for a silence period (No getting woken at 2am when that spam email comes in!)
- Selectable ringtones for each account
- Support for custom IMAP accounts
- Option to launch web mail from notification
- Option to hide email contents in notification for privacy

We’ve been using Mail Notifier now for several weeks (since we first got the app code) and must say that it has continued to perform as expected.  Notifications arrive quicker than GMail push or any other push notification app we’ve tried.  This is a truly set and forget type of service.  The reliability and speed of notifications has prompted me to remove all onboard (native) iPhone notifications for mail and I now rely solely on Mail Notifier.


6 Responses to “App Review: Mail Notifier by Enflick Inc.”
  1. Alfonso says:

    This is a GREAT app, my only question is:
    Will there be custom alert sounds?

  2. Derek Ting says:

    In the next version, we will add the ability to select alert sounds.

    Best Regards,
    Derek Ting
    Enflick, Inc.

  3. mike santiago says:

    This is a nice app. Please don’t cannibalize it and make it do more than alerts. This thing does one thing well, it alerts us to new mail. Please don’t make it launch other apps or build a mail app around it. Thanks!

  4. Zain says:

    Every time I try to save it, it says, “Invalid credentials” even though I tried it on my computer and it’s working 100%…Disappointed, seems like a waste of my money. My review will not be good :(

  5. Stephanie says:

    I am not getting my chosen alert sound or a pop up on my phone when I get an email. I just get the standard email sound and a number on the envelope. What am I doing wrong?

  6. M. Michaels says:

    My Mail Notifier’s expiry date is September 19, 2011….but it stop working today July 22, 2011……WHY?


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