App Review: Puzzle Paint 3D by Thomas Schoeps

by luke   on October 14, 2009
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puzzle paint3 300x200 App Review: Puzzle Paint 3D by Thomas Schoeps Puzzle paint is an interesting game, with highly addictive gameplay. With space for 6 profiles, I selected one that was my favorite color; red. I was slightly surprised as the game took a role playing turn. Up came a cottage in a stormy countryside scenario. Text appears on the screen, and it is the game’s developer talking to me! (Obviously not actually talking to me). Anyway, Thomas says that he is too old to paint, and it is time I took over, and a lot of other stuff. I really didn’t think this fitted in with the general pick-up-and-play genre, because of the profile system. For example, with another app, Sheep Launcher, you simply launch the app, then in turn launch the sheep! I also thought that the developer got something wrong with the whole role playing thing, a game like this should be a mini-game kind of app, to play on the bus. However, this app still has great gameplay and sticks in the $0.99 price range.

Let’s discuss the game’s actual objective: I selected a level, and was asked to calibrate my accelerometer, by holding it parallel to the floor and then tapping the screen. What came next was a total shock. A red ball in a kind of floor of squares. The automatic tutorial told me I had to control the ball by tilting my iPod, and color in the squares in the least amount of steps I could. After a troubled start, I was actually quite enjoying it.

The game progresses to teach you how to control the ball in other ways, by using the touch screen. Soon, I was controlling a red and blue ball at the same time. Now I was liking it. I liked the way they both moved at the same time so you had to try and color blue and red squares. So far, I have mastered the first 9 levels of fun with a medal! Trust me, if you download this app, you will not be disappointed. With only a few bad points (namely the awkward start), I would happily rate this app a promising 3.5/5. However, just the bad start stopped it from getting a 4, but a decent rating all the same.

What we liked: Game play, once it finally got going.
What we didn’t like: The awkward start and “out of place” RPG element that didn’t seem to belong.


4 Responses to “App Review: Puzzle Paint 3D by Thomas Schoeps”
  1. bliemel1 says:

    Nice puzzle app with good 3D graphics – the best is the different gameplay.

  2. catsanddogs says:

    Very innovative puzzle game with over 130 levels……..

  3. Matt says:

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  4. tiny says:

    The nice puzzle game with good 3D graphics and also i found one puzzle ipad game Demessify for ipads.its also a 3D game its also a best game if u want to try it one visit


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