App Review: Tap Tap Revenge 3 by Tapulous

by luke   on October 27, 2009
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taptaprevenge2 200x300 App Review: Tap Tap Revenge 3 by TapulousTap Tap Revenge 3 was by far the most anticipated game on the app store this month. And to me, it was worth the wait. After introducing push notifications in the last “version” (TTR 2.6), there was a lot of negative feedback. Tapulous say they have looked at the problem, and push works in Tap Tap 3.

What I really love about this game is the layout. At the title menu, you scroll along the “wheel” to select your gameplay. Career, the new quick play function, online, or two player. Tapulous have (and I think this is great) included avatars in this version. As well as the track store option, you can choose to buy avatar items such as guitars, backgrounds and clothes. At first, I thought you had to buy in-game currency with real life cash, but my heart quickly started beating again when I found out that you earn coins by completing songs in a reasonable position. Another new feature is levels. Now, Tapulous kind of introduced this feature in Tap Tap 2.x, but said it was experimental. In online play, you earn exp, and like most games, level up. At higher levels, you can enter better rooms with people more your caliber. What I also like is at the end of an online session, the winner is displayed at the top. It also says how many coins/exp he/she earned. If you tap the chat tab at the top of the online menu, you can chat with other players currently in your session. This is a feature that everyone wanted in Tap Tap 2.x.

Moving on to the actual gameplay, each song has it’s own unique, original theme. Tapulous have completely re-designed the structure of it. Special tappers, normal tappers, shakers, everything has a new image. Also in online gameplay, you can see the current players avatars at the top rightof the screen. Every now and then one might move up or down. This is good, because instead of it just saying what place you are out of x amount of people, you can actually see that person you wanted to beat, or that noob that everybody thrashes.

In every aspect of the game, tapulous have completely changed everything. Some may say it’s bad, but the majority of people I asked thought the changes were for the better. In conclusion, Tap Tap Revenge 3 has original, well thought out gameplay, but lacks the loading speeds that you may find in other apps. This is mainly because the online section is hosted on the web, not downloaded into the app itself. That means, every time you switch pages, you are downloading a different page. This could be improved by building in the online section, so we can move between sessions quicker! But most importantly, the price. Tap Tap Revenge 3 is in the $0.99 category, so be sure to snap it up before the price is raised! Thanks, Tapulous, for an excellent game!


5 Responses to “App Review: Tap Tap Revenge 3 by Tapulous”
  1. Jhoanna says:

    My name is Jhoanna but people call me jojo

  2. Ethan says:

    Great game! Download it!

  3. sam says:

    why cant i chat on tap tap with my iphone? do you have to pay to chat?


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