App Review: Eliminate Pro by ngmoco:) inc. [updated]

by Rob   on November 5, 2009
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elliminate16 300x200 App Review: Eliminate Pro by ngmoco:) inc. [updated]If you are a fan of Doom, Quake or any of the other FPS (first person shooter) games out there then you’ll love Eliminate Pro by ngmoco:) inc.  The game has awesome graphics and great game play, but it’s not all rosey with this free game.I’ve been playing Eliminate now for a few days and so far I’m impressed.  Out of the box (err, right after launch) you setup an account (required since this is a multiplayer online game).  After your account is setup you can select to play, gear up or adjust options.  Selecting play gives you the option to play in a global match “World,” a private match “Friends,” or offline practice “Bots.”  Selecting bots means you can play without using up any of your power cells and in this game, you’ll want to practice without using them because getting more will cost you dearly.

Gameplay reminds me of Unreal Tournament that was popular on the PC a few years back.  The 3D graphics are impressive and probably some of the best for a FPS game that we’ve seen.  However, the controls can be difficult and combersome to use.  Out of the box I found the controls to be easy to pick up and learn, but when it came to mattering (dodging bullets or aiming) they didn’t leave much to be desired.  Moving your player is easy and you use a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen.  Aiming and looking is where it becomes harder and awkward.

To aim, look and shoot you use the right side of the screen and slide your finger in the direction you want to look.  This can actually be very slow and cumbersome to do, especially if you’re in a hurry and you have to slide your finger multiple times to look behind you. Shooting is done by tapping the screen.  However, if you have to tap and turn (look) at the same time… well, forget that.  Tapping in the center of the screen (on the cross hairs) zooms you in on your target (a la Unreal sniper riffle).  Then tap again to fire, oh wait then it zooms out. Tap again to zoom… you get the picture.

As I previously mentioned, gameplay reminds me of Unreal Tournament and I was excited to be back in that environment. If it wasn’t for the difficult looking and shooting aspect then gameplay would be a real winner.  However, there’s another gotcha that players of Eliminate will run into.  You are initially given 30 power cells to use to play. Power cells deplete as you recharge your players energy.  Each time I’ve played recharging my player has taken between 8 and 10 power cells to recharge.  Now that I’m at zero cells there’s only two ways to get more: buy them via an in app purchase or wait for 4 HOURS for them to auto-recharge.  So, for $0.99 you can buy 20 cells, for $29.99 you can buy 975 power cells.  So you have to pay to continue to charge your player – or wait an inordinate amount of time to do so.

elliminate26 300x200 App Review: Eliminate Pro by ngmoco:) inc. [updated]

Eliminate Pro by ngmoco has a lot going for it. Unfortunately it also has a lot against it.  The cost of keeping your player fully charged will quickly become expensive, couple this and the awkward aim/look/shoot controls and I struggle to recommend this game.  The good thing is that it is free to download and try it, so go ahead and give it a go.  It’s possible that the things that I got hung up on will not bother you so much.

What we liked: Fantastic FPS game and graphics, reminds us of Unreal Tournament (good thing!).
What we didn’t like: Clunky controls to aim/shoot/fire, insane costs to recharge your player once the initial Power Cells have been depleted.

[Updated! Thanks to commenters and emails we adjusted the review slightly.]


10 Responses to “App Review: Eliminate Pro by ngmoco:) inc. [updated]”
  1. Johan says:

    The controller offers flick-to-turn (a history first in an FPS), which is extremely clever and solves the “slow and cumbersome” turning around that you mention. You simply throw your body around, twice for a 180° turn. Works great. You do not mention manual reload either, which reduces the problem of turning and aiming as you can afford a couple of misses before the shot is perfectly aligned.

    However, the game has other weak spots, for example: When the virtual joysticks are hidden a touch-anywhere option should have been available. Also, the sfx are not optimal, as there is no way to differentiate between your avatar being hit and an opponent (however, a damage indicator compensates for that a bit).

    Regarding cost, just play without power cells. Even though you don’t get the actual credits, you still improve your skills. And most importantly, you still have fun. Right?


  2. Joey says:

    Its free!!! quit complaining. Plus your mistaken, you can play as much as you want, just you cant earn credits once your energy is out!

  3. Adam says:

    You guys may want to put in the review that the recharge time has now been reduced to one hour. Thus has certainly made mr play it more and I have been leveling up a lot more quickly.

  4. Dick says:

    Fucken bull shit man I want to play and level up but I have to wait forever that is douchbagy like for fuck sake make it 20 bucks and give it unlimited energy I jailbrocken my iPod so I don’t give 2 shits anyway I get free motherfucken games Bitch fuck ha suck my 11 year old cock I’m fucken serious I’m eleven living in the projects. You’ll never find my hint I live in Ottawa

  5. T260g says:

    Just to let you guys know if you actually watched… the how to play video it will tell you how to jump, how to adjust your aiming sensitivity, and how to TURN ON AUTO FIRE aka when an enemy runs into or through your crosshairs what do you think it does? it auto shoots at them. This works great with rocket launcher + zoom sniping, and hitting CLOAKED players, but you can only target them if your targeting systems are up to par, for instance, if the enemy is in a sniper outfit with level 6 cloak, and picked up a cloaking device, and you are in the level 1 gear with no upgrades to targeting system, you will not auto shoot at them, and they will appear basicly completely invisable to you, no white outlines, nothing, just shots coming out of no where, of course they will uncloak after they pick up your health recharger. Anyways just letting you know that those who complain about this game are usually those who don’t go through the how to play. of course there is the issue on power, but what does that matter? power is only used for upgrading your weapons and such, whoopty doo, you can’t expect a game to run multiple servers without some source of income right? Plus i easily get 70 to 114 credits a game, so in the 2 weeks i’ve had this game i’ve already become level 22, also your ingame skill, continues to increase even if you don’t have any power, meaning you can still climb the leader boards. If you know how to upgrade and where to spend money, you can easily become very good at the game. I have 1 weapon, that’s all i’ve been upgrading, the auto rifle, great zoom, remarkable RoF, high damage per second if you can aim, and blink of an eye reload speed, and it’s not even maxed yet. that gun + infil with speed upgrades pff, just depends on skill level, if you want be like everyone else, hide in the corner spamming rockets, or run at people blindly with the shotgun, more credits for me =) See you on the field.

  6. Dick says:

    That little fucker suck my dick

    DOUCHE. ha an 11 year old called you a douchebag ha ha

  7. Dick says:

    That guy Adam is cool but T260g is a basterd dude your the hor you call your mom is waiting

  8. nerds says:

    you guys have no life…get one you no-liferz!@!!!

  9. Dicksmom says:

    What are you talking about, dick? There’s nothing to suck. Kind of like your father, thats why i needed to go to a sperm doner

  10. Kim H says:

    Eliminate Pro

    ***** WARNING *****

    My son spent $661.50 in two days on this “free” app. Neither iTunes nor NGMoco will refund any of this. It is not clear that you are spending real money in this game.



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