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App Review: JellyCar 2 by Disney Interactive

by Rob   on November 11, 2009
Filed under Daily App Reviews, Entertainment, Games

jellycar221 300x200 App Review: JellyCar 2 by Disney Interactive

When the first Jellycar hit the app store some time ago it was easily a very popular app.  The first version enjoyed much success and a huge fan following for a long time (well, it still does today since – even I’ve never uninstalled the first version).  Just a few days ago Disney Interactive released the sequel to this very popular jelly world: JellyCar 2.JellyCar 2 contains all the same squishy goodness from the first version of the game, but with new maps and new capabilities and even new games.  First, let’s discuss the game types: Classic mode, Factory mode and Long Jump mode.  Classic mode is very similar to what you grew to love in the first version, you are a car and you must make it to the flag (target in original JellyCar) while traversing a series of traps and obstacles to maneuver over and around.  In Factory mode, you guide pieces of “jelly” down a series of chutes to the correct shape location. Finally, in Long Jump mode it’s just that, how far can you launch or jump your JellyCar.

There’s also some new capabilities: balloon and sticky tires.  If you get a balloon, touching it will inflate a balloon over your JellyCar and carry it into the air.  If you get the sticky tires, touching this will enable your JellyCar to drive up walls and other steep surfaces that it would have normally been unable to drive up.  Both of these new enhancements are used in many of the lavels and are a key function for completing them, so be sure to check them out.

JellyCar 2 also introduces a Custom Mode. Under Custom Mode you can edit the style and color of your car.  You can also create and edit your own levels with a very advanced level editor.  We didn’t spend much time here but fans of JellyCar will really enjoy this new feature.  Being able to add and edit levels is always a great addition and from our quick view of this function it is quite advanced, so building the crazy levels that you want should not be an issue.

We really have no issues with JellyCar 2 other than the levels felt a little harder than the first version, which is frustrating for my 5 year old.  However, fans of JellyCar will find that JellyCar 2 is an excellent sequel and adds great new features and functions over the first version.  One other thing to note is that unlike the first JellyCar, JellyCar 2 is now $0.99 where before it was free, but what’s 99 cents these days? if you enjoyed the first version at all then don’t let the new price stand in your way…

What we liked: Same squishy fun as before, new levels, new level editor.
What we didn’t like: Slightly harder easy levels than before (makes it difficult for younger kids to enjoy the game), new pricing – it’s no longer free! (but hardly a complaint).