App Review: Rally Master Pro 3D by Fishlabs

by Rob   on November 17, 2009
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rallymaster33 300x200 App Review: Rally Master Pro 3D by FishlabsI’ve been spending some time recently with Rally Master Pro 3D by Fishlabs, a time trial based rally racing game. Since I’m a huge fan of street racing or track racing games then this one just seemed to be a natural addition to my racing collection. However, game play for rally racing is significantly different than your typical hard-surface racer, so this one took some getting used to.

The reality is, Rally Master Pro 3D has great graphics. The 3D effects are up there with the best of the other racing games. Similarly, controls are done like other racing games where you steer your rally car via tilting your device. Accelerating is done automatically and braking you have to do by touching the brake pedal. However this is really where similarities end. Being a rally racer, you are on soft surfaces which makes controlling your car the number one enemy and getting the fastest time your biggest challenge.

You don’t race against other rally cars, instead everything is time based. In Career mode, you race on a progressively more difficult track and each segment of the track is timed. If you keep coming in first then you’ll end up winning. Or, even if you don’t come in first on a couple of segments, you’ll still end up winning so long as some of your other times still keep your overall time in the number one spot. As you race more and more segments on the Career mode you will unlock more and more tracks. Finishing Career mode allows you do play the rally in adrenaline mode.

Rally Master Pro 3D also as mini-games that you will come across as you play. For example, during a rally your car will inevitably sustain some damage. When you go to repair the car, you have the option of just letting the crew do it or you can help them out. If you help them out, then you are given a mini-game to complete. Mini-games are pretty simple and the first one tests your reaction abilities. Here, you are presented with a number of sliders that are moving back and forth, you must touch the screen at the right moment – just as each slider is in the middle of the screen in the green zone. The closer you are to the dead center the better your car is repaired. In all, the mini-game takes about 30 seconds to complete, so it is not a huge interruption. You can also choose to bypass the mini-games and leave the car repairs up to the crew, however you’ll get better value if you help out and do well in the mini-game challenge.

As I already stated, Career mode game play is more about beating the clock then it is about racing head to head against other rally racers. The first few segments of the rally are pretty easy and allow you to get comfortable with controlling your car. However, the segments quickly become more difficult especially when the surface turns to dirt and you need to keep your car on a narrow roadway. While I didn’t use the brakes for the first few segments, I found myself using them quite a bit in the harder segments with softer ground, since on these surfaces your car is much harder to control and keep on the track going straight.

Rally Master Pro 3D is a fun rally racing game. If you love games like Asphalt 5, Real Racing or even Fast and Furious then I’d recommend you take a look at Rally Master. However, just know that the game play is slightly different and whatever you learned about controlling your car on pavement in those other games will not apply here (well, not to the same extent!).

What we liked: Great 3D rally graphics, decent game play.
What we didn’t like: Car can be difficult and frustrating to control on dirt (somewhat expected, but it’s pretty extreme), price.


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