Apple Introduces The iPad, Available in 60 Days

by Rob   on January 28, 2010
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ipad 1 300x176 Apple Introduces The iPad, Available in 60 DaysApple’s Steve Jobs introduced the world to their latest creation during their “Latest Creation” event in California. “We call it the iPad,” said Steve Jobs. The iPad, is essentially a huge iPod Touch since it runs the iPhone OS and runs apps from the App Store. It is also the first device to use Apple’s own CPU for processing.

The iPad, which is meant to fit between the iPhone/iPod and the Macbook product lines, bridges the gap and provides consumers with one more mobile choice for Internet in the Apple mobile products lineup. Referred to as “magical” many times by Jobs during his keynote, the iPad is getting mixed reviews by many critiques – ourselves included.

The iPad, Apple’s latest creation, has several things going for it however, unfortunately it also has a few strikes against it. If you look at it for what it really is, it’s just an iPod Touch with a 9.7″ screen. However, that 9.7″ screen is said to be beautiful and will definitely enhance your online experience significantly. Since the iPad is based on the same OS as the iPhone/iPod it’s easy to land at that conclusion. Since the iPad is based on the iPhone OS, it will immediately have access to the 140,000 applications in the iTunes App Store.

ipad angled 479x180 Apple Introduces The iPad, Available in 60 DaysAlong with the iPad Jobs introduced iBooks – a direct competitor to Amazon’s Kindle.  The introduction of iBooks means that Apple is officially entering into the ebook business.  Much like iTunes or the App Store, iBooks will allow users to purchase and ipad ibooks 251x300 Apple Introduces The iPad, Available in 60 Daysdownload ebooks directly to their iPad.  Apple even announced partnerships with about five major book publishers and ebooks are said to cost $12.99 or $14.99 each.  Whether the iPad will make a good ebook reader still remains to be seen, but if Apple does this part right it will revolutionize the publishing industry.  iBooks is said to bring a near-real experience to the reader as they read and turn pages.

The iPad does have a few pretty big let-downs.  For those that have not been following, the iPad is said to not support multi-tasking.  So no, you will not be able to listen to Pandora while doing your email or browsing the web.  Like the iPod Touch, only one application will run at any given time, with the exception of the iPod music function, email retrievals and notifications.  The lack of multi-tasking confuses many in the blog world, ourselves included.  For a device that competes head to head with netbooks and is a product bridge between the iPod and a Macbook, some are saying that the lack of multi-tasking in inexcusable.  Who knows, maybe one day they will add it.

The iPad also lacks Flash capabilities, just like the iPod and iPhone.  Once again, for a device that’s intending to give you the full internet experience on a larger screen, the lack of Flash seems to fly in the face of that vision.  Another complain the we have is that there is no onboard SD card slot and no USB host (no USB ports for that matter).  The omission of these is, in our eyes, rather laughable and will definitely turn many buyers away.  However, to combat this, Apple will offer a “camera connection kit” that will convert the 30 pin dock connector to either and SD card reader or a USB host – for cameras only.  So now you will need to unplug your charging cable, or the optional hardware keyboard in order to plug in you SD card reader or camera to pull pics in from.  Ouch.

Despite what we believe to be major drawback the device does have it’s appeal and there’s not doubt in our mind that with a $499.99 starting price these things will be flying off the shelves.  That’s right, starting price is $499.99 for the 16GB version, $599.99 for the 32GB version and $699.99 for the 64GB version.  Add $130 to each of those to add in 3G capability (AT&T) then $14.99 per month for 250mb of data or $29.99 per month for unlimited.  Not bad for 3G data pricing indeed.


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