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    All About Mentors by Breathing Space Institute

    by via_web   on May 27, 2010
    Filed under App DB, Business

    Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 All About Mentors by Breathing Space Institute

    App name: All About Mentors
    Developer: Breathing Space Institute
    Price: 1.99
    Most of us proceed through our careers with little consistent advice,
    direction, and feedback from qualified others. You might know somebody who’s
    in the same line of business, have a boss from years back with whom you’ve
    kept in touch, or even go to a seminar on how to be better at your job.
    Having a mentor changes your career trajectory. With an effective mentor,
    you have a consistent source of advice, direction, and feedback about your
    career, perhaps for the first time. Ideally, a mentor is someone off of whom
    you can bounce ideas. A mentor is someone who has a vested interest in your
    success. He or she is willing to take the time and put in the effort to
    ensure that you get the best ideas and advice that they have to offer.

    You might ask, “Why would someone want to do this for me?” Actually, a
    mentor/protégée relationship confers benefits to both parties. The mentor
    receives satisfaction in helping a generally younger protégée. The mentor
    also gets to vocalize and articulate accumulated knowledge and wisdom that
    heretofore may not have seen the light of day. It’s reaffirming for a mentor
    to provide advice to a protégée and have that protégée take the advice, run
    with it, and achieve success.

    This iPhone app, All About Mentors, is a simple but succinct plan for you
    to find and work with a mentor. Each of the “cards”, in this deck of 101
    tips, represents a vivid observation or vital recommendation to help benefit
    from a mentor. There are no bells or whistles here. The tips are solid, the
    progression is steady, and the results, for many, are highly admirable.

    Potential mentors are all around us. Often, we don’t recognize viable
    candidates. Mentors could be previous bosses, friends or relatives, or even
    peers or higher-ups within your own organization. A mentor within your own
    industry, but outside your organization, is perhaps best of all. This person
    can give you an unfettered view of what’s going on industry wide without
    being caught up in the politics of your particular organization. Also, they
    will likely be unknown to your boss and others and, thus, can be a source of
    reasonably objective input.

    If you have not thus far benefitted from having a mentor in your career,
    now is as good a time as any to identify potential candidates. Once you have
    a few parties in mind, your initial contact is not in the order of “Hey,
    would you like to be my mentor.” Rather, you invite this person to
    breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and you talk about some issues you’re grappling
    with. You see if he or she is interested in lending advice, and then you ask
    if it would be okay to follow up in a week or two. In other words, from an
    informal start, long and fruitful relationships can take hold.

    Developer Website: http://ax.itunes.apple.com/us/app/all-about-mentors/id362017737?mt=8&ign-impt=clickRef%3DSoftware%2520Page-US-All%2520About%2520Mentors-362017737-Lockup


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