App Review: Pinball HD by OOO Gameprom (for iPad)

by Rob   on June 16, 2010
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Truth be told, I couldn’t get into Pinball for the iPhone, I just didn’t think that the small screen would lend itself to the game. It also doesn’t help much that I’ve never really been a fan of real pinball so I saw little need to take the plunge in the digital form. However, I have recently picked up Pinball HD for iPad by OOO Gameprom and have been playing it for a while and you know what? It’s actually pretty cool.

The first thing you will notice as you start to play Pinball HD on your iPad is that the graphics are simply amazing. The 3D effects are great and to give you the effect of playing on a much bigger screen your view into the game will move around and zoom in and out as necessary. It’s rather difficult to tell you what I mean so watch the video below. However, moving the view around and zooming in and out is very fluid and natural. It definitely enhances the feel of the game significantly. It’s likely for this fluid view into the game and the controls that Apple awarded Pinball HD with an Apple Design Award.

There is another camera view that you can activate which gives you a 2D, full table view without the 3D effects or fluid camera motion. I found this view to be rather boring since the game seemed to completely lose all of it’s character and most of it’s appeal. However, I suppose digital pinball fanatics may like this view mode, although I doubt it.

As with any pinball machine you have your left and right flippers as well as the ball launcher pin to shoot your ball into play. All controls are done via screen touches obviously, with the exception of the “nudge” which you do by shaking your iPad. Tap on the left side of the screen for the left paddle and tap on the right side (pretty much anywhere) for the right paddle. To launch the ball, the game will zoom into the ball pin, just pull it back using your finger on the screen and let it go.

Pinball HD has three pinball maps to play: Jungle Style, Wild West and The Deep. Each map has a unique layout and design along with different colors, ball channels, bumpers, etc… you get the point. You can essentially play three different pinball games in on (see screenshots below for what some of these look like).

Pinball HD also has leaderboards for both local players and world players for those that like to play and compare scores. The leaderboards also have a hall of fame for those that really rock it on Pinball HD.

I never thought that I’d say this but I actually really enjoyed playing this game, so much so that it has earned a permanent spot on my iPad! With that said, we recommend Pinball HD to anyone that likes retro games, pinball or are looking for something a bit different on their iPad and like cool graphics!!!

What we liked: realism of play, great graphics, cool camera movements, fun gameplay, includes three pinball maps.
What we didn’t like: sometimes the camera view would zoom in, but then would not zoom back out when you think it should or wanted it to.


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