“Android is for the Power User, iPhones are for everyone else”

by Rob   on July 20, 2010
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I recall very clearly when I first got an iPhone. A friend and I were the first ones with them in our place of employment and we were able to show them off to everyone else. So many looked upon the device with amazement and jealousy that it made the original high cost of the phone almost worth it. At the time I told people that I had an iPhone because I was a power user and wanted more out of my phone than just phone calls. People understood that statement, it’s what I told my wife to convince her that I needed to spend $500.00 on a phone – and it worked!

Each subsequent release of the iPhone 3G and 3GS brought the same interest from those around me as the iPhone enjoyed the limelight as being the envious device in my department. However, something changed this year. It’s different now and those few people with an iPhone 4 around me are not getting the same gawking from others as the iPhone once drew. In fact, this one statement made by a colleague just a few months ago has changed the atmosphere: “Android is for the power user, iPhones are for everyone else.” it’s a statement I had made three years ago about the iPhone and now I was hearing it from a recent iPhone to Android convert.

This one statement disrupted our entire department where iPhones had become ubiquitous to all things high tech. Since we work on the cutting edge of technology this statement also rubbed a few people the wrong way and some true Apple fanbois refuted it. Other iPhone users didn’t say much about it and went on their merry, blissful way. Now that it’s been a few months since the statement was made i have noticed something very peculiar about this high-tech group: the number of iPhone 4’s is only a few compared to a year ago where the 3GS enjoyed a huge fan base in the department. However, what’s most interesting is the number of previous iPhone users in the department that are now sporting an Android device.

Today, where normally I would have been engaged with others talking about our iPhones, I was ostracized because I was the only one not showing off their new Android phone. For the first time in three years the conversation, at least in this group of techies, had changed from iPhone to Android. The same statement my friend had said in jest a few months ago was now being reiterated by all of the new Android converts around me and where I was once in the clear majority I find myself in the minority.

The statement is further evidenced by a recent vacation I took to a family reunion in northern Idaho near Coeur D’alene. In previous family gatherings it was my iPhone that often became the talk of the conversation since I was the only one that had one. What was odd this time is that everyone that had a phone had an iPhone. Even my very non-techie family! They were everywhere! Everyone comparing their high scores on Angry Birds too! Suddenly, there wasn’t anything special or different about the iPhone and this statement made by my colleague a few months ago came to mind.

No, this isn’t a goodbye iPhone post. To the contrary, I still believe that the iPhone is the best smartphone on the market it just so happens to appeal to this power user and everyday users alike.


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