App Review: Tower Madness HD (for iPad) by Limbic Software

by Rob   on July 10, 2010
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p 1024 768 C1902206 66EB 4D9F 852B 9C78EEF2430C e1278825255835 300x225 App Review: Tower Madness HD (for iPad) by Limbic SoftwareOne of my favorite genres of games on the iPhone have been tower defense games. I’ve played many of them on the iPhone including Field Runners, the Sentinel series and even the Geo Defense ones to name only a few. I even tried Tower Madness on the iPhone when it first came out and really enjoyed the style that it brought to the genre.

Similar to Field Runners, Tower Defense and Tower Defense HD allow you to place towers almost anywhere on the map. Once placed, the enemies will then adapt their path to go around the towers to find the shortest path to the pen of sheep. Yes, sheep. More on them later. Enemies, or aliens actually, come in many different forms from slow walking humanoids and bugs to flying ships and there are even some that are piggy backing on others. You must defend your sheep against the incoming aliens.

All aliens originate from a flying saucer that drops aliens onto crop circle looking things. Each map has one or more crop circles placed in different areas of the map making it harder to defend against waves of aliens that start at different circles. Some maps have a specific path that the aliens must follow to get to the sheep while other maps are more free form as mentioned earlier. There’s a huge variety of maps also, from wide open to forested to ice/snow covered maps. Some are significantly more challenging than others, of course.

As stated earlier, the aliens are coming to take your sheep. You must defend the 10 sheep that you have for each map. If you survive all of the waves of aliens with at least some of your sheep the you will be victorious. If an alien makes it to the sheep pen then they will grab one of them and take off into the air.

As with any tower defense game there is a series of towers to choose from. Some goers attack only land, some attack only sky (flying) while others attack both. There is even a tower that slows the enemy down and also one that strengthens nearby towers. Depending on the map some towers will be more effective than others.

Graphics and sound effects are quite good. One of the aspects of the game that I like is that while most of your map viewing is done looking straight down, and hence 2d, you can pinch to zoom and if you get close enough the map will tilt and become 3D. Pretty cool.

I’ve recently become addicted to Tower Madness HD and find it to be an excellent, fun and addicting tower defense game. If you’re into tower defense style games then I highly recommend Tower Madness HD.

What I liked: cool theme for tower defense genre, great maps, good choice of towers, screen layout with wave indicator.
What I didn’t like: a couple of the maps seem impossible to beat, but maybe that isn’t a bad thing icon wink App Review: Tower Madness HD (for iPad) by Limbic Software .


2 Responses to “App Review: Tower Madness HD (for iPad) by Limbic Software”
  1. my concern is the couple of maps are way to difficult to beat. they , however, say they all can be beaten.i’ve play near 100 hours on this game and can’t beat “xenos” . i’ve seen playbacks of this map being beat, but can’t do it myself, even if I follow the plan of the “winners”. i’ve corresponded with them and they keep saying to send them my game and they’ll check it?

  2. Schoolhousegames says:

    I’ve filled every square on the undulation map and boosted the towers strength but still some of the aliens sneak by in the last seconds. I don’t see how it’s possible to win this map without flame throwers or some of the other unavailable weapons. maps that need extra artillery shouldn’t be available for the free game. The best I can do is save 5 sheep.


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