App Review: Doodle God by Joybits

This app has been out for a good while at this stage but only recently caught my eye when browsing through the top 25 category on the app store, I had high hopes as I had also been told it was a great game by a friend of mine.

The first thing that struck me was the name which is similar to that of fellow app Pocket God. This game however is nothing like it’s counterpart. Instead the basis of the game revolves around you creating new elements from the four you start with. For example if you combine fire and earth you are rewarded with the new substance metal. Through out the game you will notice that sometimes the combinations are a little confusing and would not happen like that in real life however I continued to play until I had found all 140 elements available so far. However at the time of playing it had only gone as far as episode 2. The creators have promised to continue releasing updates or episodes for a considerable period of time similar to what pocket god has become.

The graphic in the game a very decent with a great UI and eye pleasing interfaces, There is also quotes throughout the game to coincide with elements you have created. It can get a little dull after long periods of play but this is a common problem with various other titles. The music is not to bad either, although it is the same track played over and over it is quite bland as an annoying song in loop would ruin the gameplay.

The game fits nicely into the pick up and play category in which you could pull it up when waiting for a bus or sitting in a cafe but you will find you start to bore easily when it becomes a repetitive process of going through each element to find a new combination. The developers have tried to combat this by adding a small hint feature in the shape of a light bulb. When you click on the light bulb you will be given a small bit of help on creating a new element such as naming one you have not yet discovered so you can think of how you can create it. Sometimes this can get annoying because if you think to logically about creating an element you will only get frustrated. In the end I had to resort to continually using the hint feature to make any progress.

Overall I enjoyed the game and I would recommend it because of it’s low cost. It can only get better with regular updates so there is no doubt there’s value in the game.


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