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HammerWars is a sequel to a popular indie-game HammerFight, released on PC in 2009. Action takes place in a unique universe resembling middle ages. With one big difference – sky here is ruled by diminutive helicopter machines fashioned from wood and steel.

A player takes control over one of the machines and finds himself in the company of unfriendly neighbours. How to fight them? Well, simplest way is to ram them, but that can be the doom of the flying machine and its pilot. Answer is to attach a weapon to the craft. In HammerWars Player finds the whole collection of medieval weaponry – maces, axes, swords and of course, mean-looking battle hammers. Swinging the flying machine in circles player begins to wield the attached weapon – all he needs now is to get close to the enemy to strike.
Some may call Hammer Wars an arcade, but in fact this game has impressive physics. Bounces, inertia, and gravitation – all are taken from real world. Heavier weapons slow the flying machine down. At times player can even crash his machine through the walls! Try it for yourself, you will like it!
HammerWars offers a diverse array of missions. On top of classical “shoot-them-all” the game puts player through tasks of guarding the cargo ship, breaking from jail and even the battle with an enemy chained to player’s machine. The coins beaten from the enemies can be spent on upgrades. New weapons, armour and healing potions are on sale. Remember – some weapons work better against particular types of armour.

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