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Wind Valley HD by Skadi Entertainment

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Wind Valley is an interactive digital painting – one of its kind. It’s a beautiful 3D environment that allows you to interact with it, and the most gorgeous relaxation app in the App Store. Just take a look at the screenshots! icon smile Wind Valley HD by Skadi Entertainment

More so, if you have the iPad 2, Wind Valley transports you to a virtual world where your device works as a window, changing the camera as you move it around you. You’ll feel like you’re there!

Wind Valley is immersive, gorgeous and simple. You can even lock the view and use it as an animated screensaver/wallpaper. Whether you want a sandbox to relax with or a beautiful night scenery with soothing wind sound for you to fall asleep, Wind Valley can offer that.


* Full 3D – Immerse yourself in a fully rendered 3D digital painting, with high-definition graphics.

* 360 degrees of freedom – You can see everything around you, left and right, up and down.

* Surround 3Dscape – your iPad 2 becomes a window to a digital realm. Move your device around you and watch as the gorgeous painting change as if you’re actually inside the world!

* Dynamic Physics – Grab objects and throw them around or against each other, with complete physics.

* Complete Day and Night Cycles – Your digital painting changes according to the hour of the day, wherever you are!

* High performance 3D at low battery cost – Wind Valley runs at 30 FPS on the iPad and 60 FPS on the iPad 2. We even show you the frame rate at the menu.

* Advanced Options allow you to configure Wind Valley to play the way you want.

* Beautiful interactive 3D Menu that appears on touch and allows you to quickly access the most commonly used options.

* Take a screenshot – Like what you’re seeing? Wind Valley allows you to save a screenshot and use it as a wallpaper.

How to use it:

* Touch on any of the cubes to grab it and release it. Try moving it around and hitting other cubes that are still flying.

* Touch anywhere else to open the 3D Menu. The 3D Menu’s main button allows you to lock the camera so it will stop moving. Touch it again to unlock the camera.

* The button on the left corner takes a screenshot and save it to your folder. Don’t worry, the interface will not appear!

* The button on the right corner opens the full menu. You can even change the quality settings there.

And what we have planned:

* More random events.

* Integration with the upcoming features when the next iOS version is released.

* We listen to and value each one of our customers. Got suggestions? E-mail to our support e-mail and we’ll be glad to hear it and talk to you.

Still curious? Check our website for more information, or download it today!

Developer Website: http://skadi.com.br/apps/windvalley/


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