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Volcanic by Night Leaf Limited

Volcanic is a fun, topical little game seeing the user controlling 3 volcanoes that shoot balls of lava at the planes flying overhead. The user must prevent the planes from reaching the other side of the screen, and bring down as many planes as possible. The planes start coming faster and more frequently as the game progresses. A strategic approach… [Read more]

Apple: App Downloads Top 3 Billion Apple: App Downloads Top 3 Billion

It seems like only yesterday when we were reporting that 2 billion apps had been downloaded and now we’re already at 3. Apple announced that worldwide app downloads for their popular iPhone and iPod Touch has surpassed 3 billion. “Three billion applications downloaded in less than 18 months—this is like nothing we’ve ever seen before,” said… [Read more]

AppChatter Podcast is Here! AppChatter Podcast is Here!

It’s been a while in the making but it’s now here, the AppChatter.com official podcast! Our inaugural episode discusses current events in the iTunes app store, such as in app purchases and offers up some excellent suggestions for halloween apps.

[wpaudio url="http://www.appchatter.com/wp-content/uploads/podcasts/AC_Podcast_Pilot.mp3" text="AppChatter.com... [Read more]

App Review: Ping! by Gary Fung App Review: Ping! by Gary Fung

Touted as the Blackberry Messenger for iPhone, Ping! promises to deliver instant messages to all of your friends using the app on either iPhone or iPod Touch. We’ve been using Ping! now for a little while and found it to be similar to textfree unlimited, which we use extensively here at AppChatter.com. However, these apps are not the same and do serve… [Read more]

App Review: Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike by Realtech VR App Review: Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike by Realtech VR

Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike by Realtech VR showed up in our inbox a few days ago. Having seen some of the previews already I was excited to start playing it and get a review out on it. So, after a few days of playing, I can tell you that WOW, what amazing graphics! (more on that later).

Iron Fist Boxing was recently updated to version 3.0 on the… [Read more]

App Review: Sky Smash 1918 by Richard Wilson App Review: Sky Smash 1918 by Richard Wilson

Sky Smash 1918 by Richard Wilson is a vertical scrolling shooter game. I started playing Sky Smash a couple of days ago and found the game to be fun and entertaining, taking on the enemy in 1918 during WWI. Shooting planes, tanks, and other enemies that are all out to get you.

Sky Smash 1918 is a airplane, flying shooter game set in 1918 during… [Read more]

App Review: Galcon Labs by Galcon.com App Review: Galcon Labs by Galcon.com

Galcon Labs, the sequel to the original Galgon reviewed back in March, is out!  If you, like many of us here at AppChatter.com, found yourself addicted to planet invasions and takeovers, then you’ll enjoy the updated version.

Galcon Labs brings updated graphics (albeit minor) and some new game play. Available game types now include: Classic, Crash,… [Read more]

Confirmed: AT&T to Allow VoIP Over 3G Network, iPhone Owners Rejoice Confirmed: AT&T to Allow VoIP Over 3G Network, iPhone Owners Rejoice

Today, AT&T announced a shocking reversal of a policy that many considered to be the Achilles heal of the iPhone on the AT&T network. That’s right, AT&T announced today that they would permit VoIP apps to run on their 3G network and informed the FCC and Apple Inc. of their change of heart.

Yes, you read that right. However, we have no clue on what… [Read more]

Car Park by Calculator Games

Car Park is an action strategy game that is simple and highly addictive. There are only a limited number of spaces available in this busy parking lot. You will need to guide cars into parking spaces by drawing a path with your finger. Park as many cars as you can, but watch out for other cars looking for a space, or cars you have already parked… [Read more]

Truphone by Truphone

Truphone (http://www.truphone.com/) became the first true Internet calling application in Apple’s App Store when the company introduced Truphone for the iPhone nearly a year ago; it’s now available for the iPod touch, BlackBerry and other devices.

Truphone enables free to low-cost mobile calling over available Wi-Fi or local wireless networks… [Read more]

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