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    App Review: Draw Something by OMGPOP App Review: Draw Something by OMGPOP

    Since the iPhone launched, there have been countless drawing apps released in the App Store.  Draw Something by OMGPOP is a drawing app that offers something completely new.  Ever played Pictionary?  Well, this app allows you to do just that.  The best part is that you don’t have to be in the same room as the person with whom you are playing. … [Read more]

    App Review: Blast the Alien by Zondo Games App Review: Blast the Alien by Zondo Games

    Blast the Alien by Zondo Games was released to the iTunes App Store about 2 weeks ago.  So far, it has not shown great popularity, but it is the type of game that typically does very well.  It is a physics puzzle game.  The graphics are great.  I couldn’t immediately see any reason why it wouldn’t be a great app to own.  I especially enjoyed the… [Read more]

    App Review: PipeLand by SnT Apps App Review: PipeLand by SnT Apps

    I grew up playing a card game called Pipe Works where the object of the game was to build a pipe from the spigot to the spout to deliver water.  So, when I saw the app, PipeLand, I thought that it might be a similar game that I would enjoy playing.  Once I downloaded and started playing the game, I found that it was not very much like what I had expected… [Read more]

    App Review: TurboScan by Pixoft

    I remember when I got my first camera phone. I thought it was great to be able to take pictures of the class list at school, notes taken in a meeting, or a schedule posted on the wall. Then, when I got a smart phone that was capable of sending emails, I could email these photos to others. I had all the information I needed at my fingertips, or so… [Read more]

    App Review: Noogra Nuts by Oren Bengigi App Review: Noogra Nuts by Oren Bengigi

    When the game Pocket God came out, my son couldn’t get enough of cracking the coconuts on the heads of the pygmies and then watching them eat them.  If you enjoyed that game, you will love this one.  Noogra Nuts features a squirrel with a very hard head.  He uses it to crack the shells of the nuts that are falling from the sky.  Once he cracks them,… [Read more]

    App Review: Cinemagram by Factyle Inc. App Review: Cinemagram by Factyle Inc.

    Photography has always been one of my husband’s hobbies.  So, I have gleaned a lot over the years about picture taking and the many ways in which you can alter photo and video to create cool visual effects.  When I saw the app, Cinemagram, I was intrigued by the way that the app allowed users to seemingly combine video and still photos to create illusions. … [Read more]

    App Review: Where’s My Water? by Disney App Review: Where’s My Water? by Disney

    I would never have thought to buy myself a Disney game. I don’t exactly fit the target audience range for most of Disney’s products. When a friend showed me this app, it immediately caught my attention and held it for hours as I struggled to get Swampy his water without filling his tub with gloppy green goo.

    Who is Swampy? Swampy is a cartoon… [Read more]

    App Review: Ragdoll Blaster 3 by Backflip Studios App Review: Ragdoll Blaster 3 by Backflip Studios

    Just released for iPhone and iPad, Ragdoll Blaster 3 is a great game that follows well in the footsteps of the other Ragdoll Blaster games.  That having been said, I think this new version of their game will soon overshadow what started out as a simple game consisting of shooting a ragdoll out of a canon to hit a target.  Don’t get me wrong, I love… [Read more]

    App Review: BioSub by Origin8 App Review: BioSub by Origin8

    I have long been a fan of the Sentinel games by Origin8.  These tower defense games are some of my favorites.  In creating BioSub, Origin8 explores a very different type of game.  BioSub combines physics and problem solving into one very challenging and unique game.  You are a mini sub and your goal is to destroy the canisters in the water around… [Read more]

    App Review: Elven Chronicles by Big Blue Bubble App Review: Elven Chronicles by Big Blue Bubble

    Elven Chronicles, a game published by Big Blue Bubble originally for J2ME based phones, has been ported and released for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Elven Chronicles is a classic role playing game (RPG). You are Rogan.  You wake from a fitful sleep in the town of Goralgho.  You are in the infirmary under the care of Jada, a resident healer.  The… [Read more]

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