Pr: iSleep Sphere Breaks 25,000 Downloads Milestone in One Month

Atom Studios announced that iSleep Sphere 1.1 breaks 25,000 downloads milestone in one month, becoming the most popular product of the company. Developed specifically for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, iSleep Sphere will allow you to relax, sleep better, concentrate on your work, improve your creativity, learn faster, or even meditate more deeply, all… [Read more]

Pr: Award Winning Repair Company Offers iPhone 4 Screen Repair

TechRestore, Inc. is offering lightning fast iPhone 4 screen repair if iPhone 4 owners wish to install the screen themselves. TechRestore has thrilled thousands of iPhone owners with their fast repair turnaround time, Apple Certified Technicians and award winning service. iPhone 4 owners now have a repair solution with a price based in reality, a super-fast… [Read more]

Pr: C4D Games releases W.I.P. Spaceship Driving 1.2 for iOS – Upgrade

C4D Games today announces W.I.P. 1.2 (Work In Progress), an update to their spaceship driving game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Drive the engineers by space buses and help them building a super rocket to escape from the planet before the inevitable impact. Version 1.2 features integration with the popular OpenFeint and the latest Game Center… [Read more]

App Review: Pocket Wine by Wine Paradigm App Review: Pocket Wine by Wine Paradigm

The newest wine app for the iPhone, Pocket Wine, has just been released by Wine Paradigm. Pocket Wine has been designed to unlock the complex world of wine through its unique wine style definitions. This allows quick access to in-depth wine knowledge in an easy to follow format.  Gaining quick access to all the major grape varieties and blends is… [Read more]

App Review: SimCity Deluxe by Electronic Arts App Review: SimCity Deluxe by Electronic Arts

If you like tycoon and sandbox games you will love SimCity. This game is very challenging to play and requires not only common sense but smarts. This game will test you on city building techniques, taxs,healthcare, and crazy disasters all at the same time keeping people happy and maintaining their needs. If you are a fan of the other simcity games then… [Read more]

App Review: Rescue Pine by Kypello App Review: Rescue Pine by Kypello

Rescue Pine lies in the “physics destroying object based ” puzzle genre build with splendid graphics and challenging levels.

The story is about saving Pine, a cute little porcupine from injury. Pine needs to get to his dad Porcupa, and your mission is to destroy obstacles between them to make that happen.

The game  is all about physics calculations… [Read more]

Podcast Episode #23 The Wrong Nostolgia Podcast Episode #23 The Wrong Nostolgia

AC #23 The Wrong Nostolgia

We’re all for visiting the gaming days of old, but do we really need to relive the experience of dropping tokens into an arcade game? Join us as we discuss this, Verizon’s iPad, Apple’s new trademark and patent, and reviews too!

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Podcast Episode #21 Video! Podcast Episode #21 Video!

AC #21 Video

Lots of talk about video this week, including AirPlay, PlayOn, and the new VLC app. Plus, we review Xenome Episode One, Puzzle Agent, Fruit Ninja, VLC, and more!

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App Review: Dataman by Xvision App Review: Dataman by Xvision

Are you on a limited data plan (e.g. AT&T)? Want to prevent additional
data charges on your iPhone bill? Then DataMan is your answer.
The DataMan iPhone app is a data usage manager that monitors your
cellular and Wi-Fi data usage in the background, keeping a log of your
activities. What’s more, it geotags your data activities. So you can
browse… [Read more]

App Review: World War™ by Storm8 App Review: World War™ by Storm8

World War™ One of the most popular role playing games on the app market by Storm8. This game as a military based theme including aircraft, ground units and water units, each of which have their own special attack and defense. The game takes place in 2012 after nuclear war as broken out and only five counties are left to battle it out, those countries… [Read more]

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