All About Mentors by Breathing Space Institute All About Mentors by Breathing Space Institute

App name: All About Mentors
Developer: Breathing Space Institute
Price: 1.99
Most of us proceed through our careers with little consistent advice,
direction, and feedback from qualified others. You might know somebody who’s
in the same line of business, have a boss from years back with whom you’ve
kept in touch, or even go to a seminar… [Read more]

Work-Life Guide: Achieving Simplicity at Work and at Home by Breathing Space Institute Work-Life Guide: Achieving Simplicity at Work and at Home by Breathing Space Institute

You’d think with all the labor-saving gadgets in our homes and offices, and
the increasing capability we all enjoy with sophisticated personal gadgetry,
that our lives would get easier. That hasn’t happened though, has it?
Instead of achieving simplicity, it seems that at every place we turn,
things get more complex. Achieving Simplicity at Work… [Read more]

Late Pay Calc by Baie Design Ltd

This is a calculator for UK businesses that need to work out how much statutory interest and compensation to charge on late payments in the UK. Interest is charged on late payments that are 30 days late or more. Historical Bank of England base rates are built in to the application all the way back to August 2002. Any future BoE rate change will be updated… [Read more]

Gantt Chart by Baie Design Limited

The Gantt Chart is ideal for anything from designing a website to building a house or planning a wedding. It allows you to track the progress of different tasks within a project over a period of time.

This application will:
-Display the individual tasks in a chart
-Give the duration of each of the tasks
-Show or hide the start and finish dates
-Select… [Read more]

Fossil by Thirsty Sea

Fossil is an intuitive time tracking application designed keeping freelancers and consultants in mind. It helps ensure that any billable hour doesn’t go unaccounted.

Simple and Elegant Design:
- Well polished and elegant user interface.
- Multiple themes available.

Track Time:
- Track multiple Clients, Projects and Tasks
- Tag entries… [Read more]

iQuoteTracker by NextBIT Technology Limited

iQuoteTracker is an application which gives you a quick and easy way to track the stock prices. It allows you to create a watchlist with UNLIMITED ticker symbols. With the built-in smart alert feature, you can set alert criteria based on the stock prices, 50-day and 200-day moving average, 52-week high and low, and average daily volume.

-… [Read more]

International Currency Converter by NeXtBIT Technology Limited

International currency converter provides up-to-date exchange rates information for over 150 different currencies. There is a built-in calculator in the application. You can perform basic arithmetic calculation on the latest exchange rate. The application is great for traveling abroad, business trip, vacation or buying things from overseas currencies.
-… [Read more of this review]

Foreign Minister by Andreas Prietzel

Foreign Minister manages your contacts so that you can keep track of friends
 and family. The application indicates 
those persons to whom you did not have any contact. Foreign Minister is thus
your own personal public relations officer.
Foreign Minister is 1.99 in the iTunes App Store
Developer Website:
 [Read more of this review]

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