Pinch – iMessenger, iContacts & iLocation Sense by Affle Pte Ltd Pinch – iMessenger, iContacts & iLocation Sense by Affle Pte Ltd

Pinch is the 1st iMessenger with leaderboard contests, cool map views with friends, locations, directions, journeys and miles traveled. Pinch makes conversations with friends more fun with sporty animations, picture messaging, emoticons available across all major smartphones.

Discover new & exciting dimensions to messaging and never pay for SMS/MMS/roaming… [Read more]

Cartoon Studio by HawksBed Studios Cartoon Studio by HawksBed Studios

Are you ever bored on a train and think of an awesome joke? Wouldn’t it be great to quickly make a cartoon and email it to a friend or post it to Twitter or Facebook? With Cartoon Studio you can! Upgrade to Cartoon Studio Pro via a simple InApp purchase to remove advertisements, gain advanced editing functionality and extra free art. With additional… [Read more]

Real SMS for iPod Touch by John Holman Real SMS for iPod Touch by John Holman

Send real SMS messages from your iPod Touch to any kind of phone – yes, including your mother’s ancient Nokia – and get a reply.

Requires free account with international SMS gateway which supports more than 400 carriers in 140 different countries.[itunes-button]Developer Website:[gallery link="file"] [Read more]

Mi Phone Book by Chris Caso Mi Phone Book by Chris Caso

Managing your mobile phone’s contact list can be frustrating. How can you be sure you have the most recent and complete contact information for everyone on your list? Sure, social networking sites can fill in some of the blanks. But what if you are not a member of a social network site; or you are, but you are not comfortable posting all of your… [Read more]

iGift4u ❤ ✓ ♫ – “All-in-one” for Facebook, Twitter, MMS, SMS and e-mail! by SiVola, LLC iGift4u ❤ ✓ ♫ – “All-in-one” for Facebook, Twitter, MMS, SMS and e-mail! by SiVola, LLC

Are you looking to share any type of content on various social networks, especially when on-the-go? Unfortunately that is not always a simple task: how do you easily share from your iPhone a YouTube video, an image from the web, a link, a map of your location, the music you are listening to? How do you do that on more than one networks, maybe at the… [Read more]

iPlay futsal by Brogi Chirico Maffucci iPlay futsal by Brogi Chirico Maffucci

iPlay futsal is the ONLY iPhone application for futsal and soccer lovers, available for FREE!
iPlay futsal lets users join a community of football fans to meet and play real football/futsal matches, with either 5 or 7 players to a team. When you join the community, you can create teams and choose permanent or temporary team players; arrange matches… [Read more]

Truphone by Truphone

Truphone ( became the first true Internet calling application in Apple’s App Store when the company introduced Truphone for the iPhone nearly a year ago; it’s now available for the iPod touch, BlackBerry and other devices.

Truphone enables free to low-cost mobile calling over available Wi-Fi or local wireless networks… [Read more]

iForum by Avianware Inc

The Internet’s oldest Mac user community. In your pocket.

iForum connects you to Info-Mac, the original online Mac user community. Connect with Mac, iPhone and iPod users across the globe! iForum allows you to discuss a wide variety of Apple-related topics, or any other topic such as art, politics, religion and more. iForum brings the same high-quality,… [Read more]

PromptMe by Jesse Armand

You might already know “Prompt”, you might think that Prompt’s user interface is a bit unique, though I admit it’s not something spectacular, just different.

From the first day I released Prompt, someone wants to chat using Prompt, and someone said Prompt will be a wicked setup for a messenger app.

So here it’s PromptMe, an improvement of… [Read more]

Contactsplus by Teboul Jonathan

With Contactsplus for iPhone and iPod touch, in no time you can easily create, organize and delete groups of contacts in your address book.

View the photos of your contacts directly in the lists with their phone number or email.

Get a reminder on the birthday of your contacts.

And so much more!

contactsplus is $0,99 in the iTunes App… [Read more]

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