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Wrecking Ball by Alternative Visuals Wrecking Ball by Alternative Visuals

Wrecking Ball is a physic based puzzle/strategy game that requires planning and problem solving to effectively take down buildings. As your progress through the game you are presented with new challenges and obstacles to overcome. It is up to you to properly and efficiently demolish the buildings.

You’re in control of the wrecking ball as you… [Read more]

Look-Up by Soulbit7 Look-Up by Soulbit7

Look-Up brings the classic alien invasion game theme into the 21st century with an augmented reality twist. You have joined Earth’s Resistance Forces to hold back the aliens ships that are attacking our cities, forests, beaches and deserts – wherever you are, they are coming. Space invaders was never this real.


Developer Website:… [Read more]

App Review:Tap Studio Pro by Drop D Studios App Review:Tap Studio Pro by Drop D Studios

Tap Studio Pro is one of my most favorite games on the Itunes market! If you enjoy guitar hero, rockband, and Tap Tap Revenge you might like this as well. The game is very simple, you pick your song from your library and tap the notes that you wont.

On this version of the game you can choose to have 3 or 4 rails. which are red, green,blue or purple…. [Read more]

App Review: Doodle God by Joybits App Review: Doodle God by Joybits

This app has been out for a good while at this stage but only recently caught my eye when browsing through the top 25 category on the app store, I had high hopes as I had also been told it was a great game by a friend of mine.

The first thing that struck me was the name which is similar to that of fellow app Pocket God. This game however is nothing… [Read more]

Apple Sells 1.7M iPhones in 3 Days Apple Sells 1.7M iPhones in 3 Days

We all knew that the new iPhone 4 was going to be a hot seller. With its sleek new design, amazing new retina display screen along with the new FaceTime video chat there’s really no other smartphone like it on the market. Well, this morning Apple confirmed our suspicions that the iPhone 4 is a hot seller by releasing a statement saying that they’ve… [Read more]

iPhone 4’s Start Landing 2 Days Early [unboxing pics, vids] iPhone 4’s Start Landing 2 Days Early [unboxing pics, vids]

Despite Apple sending emails to pre-order customers warning them that they could receive their iPhone 4’s a day early (ie: the 23rd) there are reports of several people who are receiving their new iPhone 4 today – a full two days before the official launch (24th). So, to celebrate the early arrival of the iPhone 4, here’s some unboxing pics and videos… [Read more]

Apple Unveils iPhone 4 Complete with FaceTime Video Chat Apple Unveils iPhone 4 Complete with FaceTime Video Chat

Steve Jobs in his keynote address at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC10) in San Francisco unveiled the new iPhone 4 today. Of course, if you’re an iPhone fan you’ll know that much of this was leaked a few weeks back, which Steve eluded to in his keynote with “stop me if you’ve seen this before.” The new iPhone 4 sports a full redesign and includes many enhancements including a 5mp camera, a front facing camera, new A4 processor and more…. [Read more]

App Review: Scarface Last Stand by Starwave

Since i had not seen the movie before i was hoping that the app would cover most of the plot like a movie tie in should. Although after playing i realized a good plot was the least of my worries.

It looked decent from my initial information with some nice screenshots and slick little app icon, even the loading screen was appealing with quotes… [Read more]

The New, 4th Generation iPhone Revealed The New, 4th Generation iPhone Revealed

Gizmodo is running a story today about the new 4th generation iPhone. Apparently, it was found in a bar Giz paid the big bucks to get a hands-on with it. They’ve got scores of pictures and videos of the new device which shows that it takes on a new industrial design.  They’ve also opened it up to reveal some of the innards.  The key features are:… [Read more]

A Tour of the iPhone 3GS Camera, Sample Pics [Part 1] A Tour of the iPhone 3GS Camera, Sample Pics [Part 1]

Part 1 of 2, Still Picture Mode:

In 2007, while other phone manufacturers were producing cell phones with 5MP cameras or higher, Apple chose to launch the original iPhone with a week 2MP, fixed lens camera. Then in 2008, with the introduction of the iPhone 3G, Apple chose to leave the camera untouched essentially continuing with the same lousy camera… [Read more]

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