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Chrome-8 by Marten Saflund

Chrome-8 is an innovative logic game that really challenges, and stimulates the player’s analytical skills. Unlike many other iPhone games, Chrome-8 is a NEW kind of game, based on a new puzzle generator.

Through clean, colorful game boards the player re-arranges colors until the defined pattern is attained.

* loads quickly
* is OpenFeint… [Read more]

App Review: Scarface Last Stand by Starwave

Since i had not seen the movie before i was hoping that the app would cover most of the plot like a movie tie in should. Although after playing i realized a good plot was the least of my worries.

It looked decent from my initial information with some nice screenshots and slick little app icon, even the loading screen was appealing with quotes… [Read more]

App Review: Ragdoll Blaster 2 for iPhone by Backflip Studios App Review: Ragdoll Blaster 2 for iPhone by Backflip Studios

One of our favorite physics game for the iPhone is Ragdoll Blaster where you use a canon to launch ragdolls to hit a target. The sequel, Ragdoll Blaster 2, builds on the puzzles of the first iteration with some significant improvements in many areas that make it a worthwhile sequel. Since Ragdoll Blaster 2 has been in the top 100 for a few weeks now… [Read more]

App Review: Colorbind by Nonverbal App Review: Colorbind by Nonverbal

One of our favorite genres of apps around here are puzzle games. Colorbind is a rather simple puzzle game with a twist of weaving color strips that intertwine with each other with the primary goal to connect corresponding colored dots.

Perhaps Colorbind’s simplicity is also its strength. There’s something rather intriguing about raveling color… [Read more]

App Review: Project 72 by Dogtown Studios App Review: Project 72 by Dogtown Studios

I was browsing the App Store the other day (nothing new here) when I came across Project 72 (developed in 72 hours, hence the name) in the New/Featured section so I decided to give it a go. It had a few reviews on it, not much, so I kinda knew that I was taking a chance with my dollar purchase but hey, what’s a buck, right? The game installed in mere… [Read more]

App Review: Angry Birds by ClickGamer App Review: Angry Birds by ClickGamer

There’s something addicting about launching various bird types from a slingshot in an attempt to hit some green pigs. That is exactly what Angry Birds by ClickGamer is all about. The whole premise is that the green pigs have stolen their eggs (hence, they’re angry) so now it’s revenge time – but with your help.

Angry Birds consists of two worlds… [Read more]

App Review: Guerrilla Bob by Chillingo App Review: Guerrilla Bob by Chillingo

From the same producers as Minigore, Chillingo has delivered another dual joystick, top down shooter – Guerrilla Bob. We’ve been a big fan of Minigore when it came out last year so when Chillingo released this game, which is very similar, we were eager to take a look. Guerrilla Bob, with enhanced graphics and story mode gameplay makes for a fun and… [Read more]

App Review: Warheads by Pangea Software App Review: Warheads by Pangea Software

From the makers of Enigmo, Enigmo 2, Cro-Mag Rally and many more great iPhone games Pangea has released Warheads to the iTunes App Store.  Warheads is a missile defense style game that we’ve been playing for the past couple of days and have been enjoying it.

As in most missile defense style games you must defend your base from incoming missiles… [Read more]

App Review: Trenches by Thunder Game Works App Review: Trenches by Thunder Game Works

I’m a huge fan of tower defense style games as well as line drawing games and Trenches takes both of these and combines them, similarly to Boom Brigade (which we also enjoyed).  I’ve been playing Trenches for a few days now and have been liking it, so here’s my findings.

The object of Trenches is to advance across the battlefield killing all of… [Read more]

App Review: Metal Gear Solid Touch by Konami Digital Entertainment App Review: Metal Gear Solid Touch by Konami Digital Entertainment

Metal Gear Solid Touch is the iPhone version of the PlayStation game Metal Gear Solid by Konami. Since I’ve never played MGS for anything other than the iPhone, I’ll be focusing on that version in this review.

I’ve spent some good time playing this game however, unfortunately, my iPhone’s battery started to die and I took it to Apple on Friday and… [Read more]

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