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    App Review: Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios App Review: Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios

    When i saw the title of this game while reading an article  immediately knew what it would entail, however i thought the novelty value would run out after a play or two and that would be that. To my surprise the game has depth and keeps me coming back for more.

    If you don’t know already the game sees you as a ninja training his skills on unsuspecting… [Read more]

    Chrome-8 by Marten Saflund

    Chrome-8 is an innovative logic game that really challenges, and stimulates the player’s analytical skills. Unlike many other iPhone games, Chrome-8 is a NEW kind of game, based on a new puzzle generator.

    Through clean, colorful game boards the player re-arranges colors until the defined pattern is attained.

    * loads quickly
    * is OpenFeint… [Read more]

    App Review: Scarface Last Stand by Starwave

    Since i had not seen the movie before i was hoping that the app would cover most of the plot like a movie tie in should. Although after playing i realized a good plot was the least of my worries.

    It looked decent from my initial information with some nice screenshots and slick little app icon, even the loading screen was appealing with quotes… [Read more]

    Metron by SintraWorks

    Metron for iPhone™ OS was developed by a classically trained musician to aid in the practice of runs, excerpts and complete compositions.

    In addition to the usual single and multiple beat ticks of digital metronomes, it offers a high precision engine and a bar based sequencer that offers detailed control over rhythm patterns, tempo settings and… [Read more]

    App Review: iQuarium for iPhone by Infinite Dreams Inc. App Review: iQuarium for iPhone by Infinite Dreams Inc.

    iQuarium is one of those apps that keeps you coming back for more not because it’s an addicting game, but because you want to know the next tank gadget that you’ve earned (oh, and you have to keep feeding your fish). That’s right, iQuarium is a fun and addicting pocket pet if you will, requiring that you feed him (or her, depending on how you named… [Read more]

    App Review: Ragdoll Blaster 2 for iPhone by Backflip Studios App Review: Ragdoll Blaster 2 for iPhone by Backflip Studios

    One of our favorite physics game for the iPhone is Ragdoll Blaster where you use a canon to launch ragdolls to hit a target. The sequel, Ragdoll Blaster 2, builds on the puzzles of the first iteration with some significant improvements in many areas that make it a worthwhile sequel. Since Ragdoll Blaster 2 has been in the top 100 for a few weeks now… [Read more]

    Traveling with Your iPhone? Evaluating and Using VoIP While On the Go Traveling with Your iPhone? Evaluating and Using VoIP While On the Go

    This past week I went on a planned business trip to Vancouver, British Columbia (home of the 2010 Winter Olympics). Knowing that this trip was coming I did some research in using my iPhone while out of the USA – if you’ve ever traveled with your iPhone you know that roaming charges can be expensive. Roaming is expensive and in fact, upon landing in… [Read more]

    App Review: 3D Bookshelf by Ideal Binary App Review: 3D Bookshelf by Ideal Binary

    While we don’t review a lot of ebook apps around here (mostly games and utilities) we did have a change to examine and test drive 3D bookshelf by Ideal Binary. 3D Bookshelf is, like every other classical ebook reader, just that – an ebook reader for the common classic books like A Christmas Carol, Sheflock Holmes, Frankenstein and many others. However,… [Read more]

    App Review: Colorbind by Nonverbal App Review: Colorbind by Nonverbal

    One of our favorite genres of apps around here are puzzle games. Colorbind is a rather simple puzzle game with a twist of weaving color strips that intertwine with each other with the primary goal to connect corresponding colored dots.

    Perhaps Colorbind’s simplicity is also its strength. There’s something rather intriguing about raveling color… [Read more]

    App Review: Project 72 by Dogtown Studios App Review: Project 72 by Dogtown Studios

    I was browsing the App Store the other day (nothing new here) when I came across Project 72 (developed in 72 hours, hence the name) in the New/Featured section so I decided to give it a go. It had a few reviews on it, not much, so I kinda knew that I was taking a chance with my dollar purchase but hey, what’s a buck, right? The game installed in mere… [Read more]

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