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Quick Look: AT&T myWireless Mobile by AT&T Quick Look: AT&T myWireless Mobile by AT&T

AT&T released a long-overdue account management app for the iPhone. The app allows users to view and pay bills, view voice and data usage and browse account features. I took the app for a spin today and found pretty much all the functionality that I would be looking to do online, in the app.
Supplementing AT&T myWireless, a popular service… [Read more of this review]

Quick Look: True or Lie by iPhonez Co. Quick Look: True or Lie by iPhonez Co.

True or Lie by iPhonez Co., Ltd. is an app that helps you determine whether someone is lying or telling the truth. To start out, you need t0 push the button marked “measure”. Then hold the microphone up to your subjects neck to check their pulse. Now the interr0gation begins. Once the heart rate is [...]

Quick Look: Two Challenging Puzzles From One Young Developer Quick Look: Two Challenging Puzzles From One Young Developer

Jeffrey Barg may only be in middle school, but he has already written and released four apps in the iTunes App Store.  Two of them are puzzle apps.  Both apps appear to be simple puzzle.  However, neither one is very simple in the end.
Jeffrey’s first app, NIM, was released in October of last year.  It [...]

Quick Look: Inflation by Integrity Logic Quick Look: Inflation by Integrity Logic

Have you ever wondered how much that nickel candy that your grandparents are always telling you about would cost today?  Or what the $5,000 dollars you spent on your first new car would be equal to today?  Integrity Logic and their app Inflaton will tell you just that.  You just enter in the amount you [...]

Quick Look: Mad Libs by inZania Quick Look: Mad Libs by inZania

Update: It appears as though Mad Libs has been removed from the App Store.

Did you ever play mad libs as a kid?  I remember trying to come up with the most off-the-wall words I could and then laughing so hard wih my friends that none of us could read the mad lib back at the end.  Mad libs are easy to do and fun for people of all ages.  You just… [Read more]

Quick Look: Fieldrunners by Subatomic Studios, LLC

So, by now you’re wondering why are we writing about apps that have been out for months? Well, it’s easy: they’re still popular and people are still buying them.
Fieldrunners, in my opinion, is the best “Tower Defense” style game in the App Store. It is one of the only ones that allows for an arbitrary path for your enemy… [Read more of this review]

Quick Look: White Noise by TMSoft

White Noise has been in the App Store for as long as I can remember.   In fact, it was one of the first apps that I installed on my iPhone, shortly after the apps initial release.  This is one app that seems to be enjoying a long stay in the ‘popular’ category and so for that – we decided it deserved a mention here on our site.
Initially… [Read more of this review]

Quick Look: Stun-O-Matic by DS Media Labs

stunomaticToday I gave Stun-O-Matic a run on my 4 year old and wife. The first “stun” of my son yielded laughs and squeels that only a little kid can make, while the first “stun” of my wife didn’t yield nearly the same reaction. Read More…

Quick look: Death Cab for Cutie iPhone App

122It’s not everyday that one of the bands that you admire releases and iPhone app. Well, today, I installed the Death Cab for Cutie application and spent a few minutes with it. The app is pretty much what one would expect from a band:Read More…

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