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Action Block Buster - a new take on Breakout - for the iPhone OUT NOW!

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  1. nsiomos

    Action Block Buster is a fun new brick-breaker game (à la Arkanoid/Breakout) for the iPhone. Just like in the original game, the player is controlling a panel and tries to destroy all blocks within a level in order to advance. Unlike the original however, Action Block Buster allows the player to move the panel in a full 360 degrees circle around the play area. Furthermore, thanks to the builtin physics engine, the blocks are not static all the time, but instead are being pushed away when the ball crushes into them, and they, in turn, may collide with other nearby blocks - resulting in good-looking and gameplay-wise also quite rewarding collision chain effects.

    The game offers 45 levels of increasing difficulty. At the beginning, all levels besides the first one are locked. New levels get unlocked as the player advances. The levels are organized in three "worlds" - each world brings its own appearance theme, animated backgrounds, soundtracks as well as unique gameplay twists: There will be wormholes applying gravity on the player ball and trying to suck it in, easily inflammable fire bricks will set the player ball on fire and star roads serving as a high-speed-transportation system will bring the player ball to otherwise unreachable areas.

    There are also plenty of powerups for the ball and the panel to collect, which are stackable and are presented to the player with according visuals: i.e. the ball is producing a speed trail when under the effect of the "Speed Ball" bonus, it is covered with fire when collecting the "Fire Ball" bonus and the "Laser Panel" sends out a powerful twin-laser beam capable of applying continuous force and thus hitting many blocks consecutively. The player gains powerups by destroying special powerup-boxes and also - unlike other breakout games - via cool gameplay: i.e. by hitting many blocks without touching the panel, by destroying a certain amount of blocks at once, by collecting plenty of bonus blocks, by surpassing certain score marks and on many more gameplay-driven occasions. Also, there are collectibles which must be avoided, as they will apply penalties, like slowing ball or panel movement, cutting away from the remaining time to finsh a level or even inverting the player's controls for a given amount of time!

    Players will be able to unlock achievements of varying difficulty on many occasions as well, like for finishing a level extraordinarily quick, for burning and laser-zapping blocks and even for being a bit unlucky and collecting too many penalties. Furthermore, the game allows players to compete on a total of 13 leaderboards for the best rankings, i.e. for the highest score, the most destroyed blocks, the fastest level finishing time and much more. All leaderboard scores and achievements are global, as long as network connectivity is available, and will also be reported to Apple's Game Center.

    The features at a glance:

    - Full 360 degrees circular motion of the panel adds a whole new degree of freedom compared to traditional breakout games.
    - Physics-engine-powered force computations allow for cascading block collision effects, which are gameplay-wise very efficient and rewarding.
    - Support of high-resolution (retina) 3D graphics with lighting and particle effects and beautifully animated backgrounds (as opposed to the still images usually encountered on breakout games). On older devices, graphics features will be automatically adjusted for maintaining performance.
    - 3 unique world to explore - each with its very own twists and dangers - offering a total of 45 action-driven levels to play.
    - Global high scores with many leaderboards and unlockable achievements: plenty of opportunities for competing with players all over the world.
    - Full support for Apple's Game Center for an integrated iOS gaming experience.
    - Many powerful powerups gained as rewards for cool gameplay.
    - Ingame-help popups explain new game elements just in time - no manual will be needed for new players (as it should be).
    - Embracing social networks: Players can choose to post their achievements to facebook and twitter.
    - Hidden cheats offering shortcuts and crazy powerups for the impatient. As a cheater, you won't be able to submit your scores and achievements though.

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