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    1 ,science to wash wash aims to keep the skin clean .The skin of many tissues such as the sebaceous glands ,sweat glands ,horny ,will be the new supersedes the old. And prone to fouling ,if left unchecked ,will cause the sebaceous acidification and porous plug ,causing contact dermatitis ,even sensitive skin .
    Therefore ,the correct wash method is particularly important. Every morning and go home after work, is the two cleansing time. Especially for the regular make-up of the OL ,we need to take make-up time is minimized ,thus the best entered the home door will wash the face of dirt and makeup cleansing water temperature to 30 ℃.
    Or so is proper .Not available hot water ,because the heat absorption of the skin of excess oil ,easy to dry skin ,destroyed the original elasticity and luster ,susceptible to wrinkles ;nor with cold water ,because water can clean the surface dirt ,but is unable to clean pores of dirt and excess oil .
    In 30 ℃wash with warm water,can make the pores open ,more thorough cleaning ,the skin will not cause harm to skin .2,salt Detox salt with anti-inflammatory sterilization efficacy as everyone knows ,it Efficacy is also very unique .
    If you are oily skin ,try a spoon of salt and honey and mix thoroughly ,painted on the face and massage gently for 5 minutes after the wash with water - salt has deep clean the skin pores, and honey water timely replenish nutrition, once a day each morning and evening ,can help clear skin toxin 3,soft underwear choose a elegant color ,texture comfortable body underwear ,enjoy it for personal care, in need of showing skin summer appears particularly important .
    In order to meet without shoulder or suspenders costume ,consider using the detachable shoulder strap style. 4summerheat ,often drink tea the hot summer is especially easy to get angry ,but the fire exuberant can not only cause skin pimples ,will also affect the living and working condition .
    In summer often drink tea or soup can be heat-clearing and detoxifying ,let oneself have a cool summer .Material :Angelica ,white peony root and Rhizoma Chuanxiong ,Radix 15 grams each,Adidas M Attitude Logo,rose 5grams,red dates ,longan and Chinese wolfberry dateplum persimmon ,moderate .
    Practice: all materials will be boiling water ,boiling slag after two times to drinking ,taking 3 hours .Every one or two days can be taken once . Function :suitable for weak look bad ,can be Nourish the body ,maintaining environmental protection in vivo ,whitening skin ,make the skin healthy and elastic .
    5,room for your plants you know ?Color and emotion is a unique correspondence .Colour psychologist Sizeba said :&quot ;like the vitamin is the nourishment ,the color is also help the brain nutrition .
    &quot ;in all colors ,the green plants with harmonious qualities ,for the treatment of depression has to help. Red is a powerful combustion energy ,&quot ;and blood to liver ,stomach, broad chest &quot ;role.
    And purple can stimulate tissue growth ,healing wounds .So might as well in the office or home put some more colors associated flowers or potted .6,2 days a weekis a vegetarian to stomach break .
    Because too much greasy or spicy food ,will be the new supersedes the old. In producing large amount of toxins ,causing gastrointestinal burden ,at the same time, appropriate to add some vitamin C ,vitamin E and other antioxidants ,to help eliminate free radicals .
    Eat fresh food and organic food ,eat less food ,fast food and soft drinks ,which contain more preservatives ,colouring. 7,DIY mask wrinkles which is a murder in India Be all the rage the go to the surface plating method ,the papaya and honey together is the most can murder wrinkles of natural mask .
    The two mixed into a paste ,deposited in the face for 15 minutes after the wash ,can make the mask work .8,eye massage is to let the old ocular movements of the good way, often in front of the computer work female ,often feel sore eyes and feel tired ,but have the black eye socket ,fine lines and puffiness ( eye ) ,might as well suited for use in their own eye care products at the same time ,,try to match the appropriate eye massage .
    This method can not only let your eyes relax ,but also can promote blood circulation ,reduce fine lines and eye puffiness ,reduce fine lines and lighten dark circles by the end of eye to start Step1: ,finger around the eye light force of compression to the eye and head position ,repeat 7~8 times.
    Step2: close my eyes ,using ring finger tips ,in the eyes of the round to circle the way ,from eye head began to light stress do some massage ( with a press release ) ,repeat 7~8 times.
    9,with brown sugar juice with your lips is physically the most exposed ,but at least about the site ,at the same time it had to endure a make-up without shelter Hurt ,dry ,peeling became inevitable circumstances lips in every week .
    Try out two days ,with a teaspoon of sugar with new juice tune into a paste ,applied on the lips for several minutes. Sugar ,grains are the most natural gentle exfoliating cream ,and orange juice contains acid components can be it is good to remove the dead skin .
    Wash &quot ;lip membrane &quot ;later ,immediately wipe containing antioxidant components and SPF lip balm ,can protect lips from external environmental damage. 10,tea spread the eye ends up in front of the computer is a tired day ,do you feel sore eyes ,dry - don rush to buy eye drops, try a simple way.
    Make a pot of tea ,cool ,wash the eyes ,then take two tampon use tea soaked ,eyes closed ,spread on the eyelid . Relax 5 minutes,think of some happy things. So you can relieve the fatigue of the eyes, let your eyes bright God.
    11,let the home full of fragrant air drying ,harmful to the skin .It is self-made fragrant air spray method ,both in life and cheap ,but also on your body no harm .In distilled water to drip into the oils spray ,can let oil molecules through the sprayer spreading in the air ,Create indoor aromatic and pleasant atmosphere ,while both the skin moisturizing effect.
    Step1: to 30 ml of distilled waterinto the sprayer. Step2: drops 3-6 drops of essential oil .Step3: can be used well . Suggestions: add essential oil spray is not suitable to store ,preferably a run out, later making new sprays.
    12,multiple with family and friends, this is an excellent method of increasing psychological immunity .Psychologists tell us ,when you with like-minded friends together, the feeling of friendship and social identity ,human immune system will be in good condition .
    In order to prove this point of view ,Paris Mental Health Center researchers to participate in experiment of human influenza virus in contact with ,and then by the researchers monitored their social interactions .
    It is found ,Adidas Bounce S,and friends ,family members ,colleagues of the longer people cold probability is small . At the same time ,embrace ,touch and other physical contact can also make the body cells more active, to make your body healthy ,skin bright .
    13,become the aromatic woman in addition to the use of perfume ,there are many ways can help you up a whole summer .You can body lotion in adding a few drops of lavender Grass ,sandalwood or peppermint oil ,then spread out evenly all over the body,Adidas Bounce SL, it can make you nervous up ,perhaps someone will ask you a strange and wonderful aroma is come from Oh 14,has the best cream you is it right? Are often very dry and there is air conditioning environment? If yes so ,you need to look for a moisturizing cream.
    You often work outdoors ?If so ,you need a mixture of antioxidant and sunscreen component quality cream. Cream and lotion is the biggest difference ,most creams with a full range of nursing function ,make the skin moist ,white ,rich elasticity, reduce wrinkles 15,learn a dance use leisure time to learn a dance .
    Whether ballet ,or Latin ,or Africa Dance and belly dance ,can ,&quot ;transparent ,warm ,sexy become beautiful figure three new rules and can create the perfect figure &quot ;dance &quot be enthusiastic about ;it is inevitable .
    And experts say ,in addition to the sculpture stature ,dance for health benefits is also unusual .16,love the beauty of cheeks blush is you can instantly see Younger of rosy cheeks will make you look more youthful lovely, sweet ,let you instantly become healthy and vigorous beauty .
    But blush addition can increase your facial skin ruddy feeling ,create a matte finish to the transparent color ,can also modify the facial lines 17,lasting beautiful color send keep a childlike and happy mood is a female best beauty secrets .
    At home, he alone can regain their childhood mischievous game ,let the joy with a string of foam filled. 18,let us jump suggest you often jump . Because jumping can be strong bones ,preventing osteoporosis .
    When I have free time to jump, not too much time ,every day as long as jump one minute is enough . You can also try skipping ,such arms can also get exercise. 19,inverted good a lot of standing posture can promote the organ blood circulation ,skin and hair will also benefit .
    At first, you can start from the shoulder stand :supine ,legs bent at right angles ,and then stretched upward ,the hips off the floor ,with two support ,scapula touchdown, abdomen ,buttocks and legs as a straight line .
    Hold this position So far ,until you feel difficult .20,two mild sun office OL although daily does not see too much sunshine ,but also because of this ,most of these women is thin and pale ,light resistance is weak ,therefore it is easier than the average person to sunburn ,more need to pay attention to sun .
    While the SPF overpriced products will make the skin feel uncomfortable ,therefore ,recommended daily every morning and evening should be coated with appropriate mild sunscreen products, particularly in the work, although after three pm is the sun and not so strong ,but still need to work for half an hour before applying SPF15 sunscreen.
    21,shiny muscle color summer is PARTY sends the season ,want to shine in the glare of light ,you can try this simple approach :in the body milk mixed with a small amount of bright pink, massage evenly smear on the body, can obtain both moist and lustrous effect.
    22,fresh color this season, the sense of fresh color is costumes and makeup in mainstream. And peacock blue ,green and purple is the mature female bold use of color. It with a few pieces of such tone dress ,and makeup ,colour Eyeliner & eye shadow is also the achievements of the beautiful summer Days of the indispensable thing .
    23,yoga breathing is a breathing through to adjust the body and skin condition method - sit or stand ,with nose expiratory abdominal contraction ,at the same time ,the action to be consistent, each of the 40 breathingfor 1day,5dayevery day ,can effectively promote blood circulation ,to improve the digestive functions ,eliminate waste and toxins ,the skin from the inside out and keep ruddy gloss .
    24,functional BRA has long breast ,and enhance the full effect of the functional BRA is the woman new darling . They can make your body instantly became a perfect season ,with popular exposed skin .
    It is a seamless heavenly robe .Therefore ,abandon your traditional idea for yourself several sets of beautiful function bust ,with its exquisite lace and delicate color will also let you fondle admiringly .
    25,Kiss Me is very simple ,you just me standing one can let you love and kisses and partner .Romantic kiss will not only promote the couple exchanges of feelings ,but also can promote the blood circulation to achieve the effect that reduce weight !A passionate kiss will make the face of more than 30 pieces of muscle tension .
    This can make the skin more smooth ,can accelerate the blood Circulation .Maybe kissing results than using a variety of skin creams and mask to do better . But, compared with ,kissing the process to make people more comfortable .
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