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Ancient Words

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  1. wiitz

    Players said:
    "All in all a cute game with some decent polish that, again if not a Greek speaker, plays a bit more like a symbol matching game (ala Alien Glyphs) than a true word game. 4/5" #1 The story:
    "A long time ago in ancient Greece was living extremely rich greek Dedalos Papulosis. He always wanted gold only for himself. To hide his fortune he commanded all slaves to build great labyrinth. And all who have seen drafts of that construction were killed. Only one thing is known: there are 42 stone gates locked with words. Many brave young people did try to enter but..." . Now it's your turn! Good luck!

    #2 How to play?
    Tap on letters on the main board to compose word displayed at the bottom of the screen.

    #3 The Colors Meanings
    Each color has it's point value:
    green - 15 points and +5% of time bar
    red - 20 points
    orange - 20 points
    yellow - 20 points
    blue - 20 points
    purple - 20 points
    white - 10 points
    black - 50 points and -5% of time bar

    #4 Special signs:
    They don't give points but you will find out their features usefull
    locker - this sign will not disappear until you will use it
    replacer - replaces first avalable letter with it's own color
    reseter - randomize board, use it carefully it takes 30% of time bar

    #5 What is the challenge?
    Probably you think as always, to maximize score!
    Well... no and yes (as said Bilbo Baggins)
    The main challenge (in imagination) is to go out the labyrinth but with maximum number of points in reality (did you already knew that?)!

    #6 The Combos
    Use your brain and imagination to compose combos:
    FIESTA - you gets 1000 points when you compose word with no repeating colors
    CHECKER - you gets 1500 points when you compose word with blacks/whites separated whites/blacks
    RAINBOW - you gets 2500 point when you compose word with colors order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. If word is longer then 6 sings you can fill up word only with blacks or whites.
    BLACK WIDOW - you gets 5000 points when you compose word only with blacks

    #7 Few tips:
    - always look two steps forward
    - collect reseters to use when you stuck, you can collect up to 9 reseters
    - look for replacers and lockers to compose word using their features, replacer does not give points but can be used to compose combos

    #8 Game features:
    - 4 magic combos (fiesta, checker, rainbow, black widow)
    - 3 special signs (locker, replacer, reseter)
    - 8 colors for signs (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black)
    - 26 unique ancient signs
    - 42 fields on board
    - 42 gates to unlock
    - each sign gets its time to live. Shortest is 15 seconds and longest is 30 seconds. After this time sign disappears and new one replaces it.
    - 1359 words locking gates (with 3 letters - 113, with 4 letters - 207, with 5 letters - 219, with 6 letters - 226, with 7 letters - 282, with 8 letters - 312)
    - 4 game types: easy (7 seconds per sign), normal (6 secods per sign), hard (5 seconds per sign) and insane (4 seconds per sign)
    - personal scores table
    - daily scores table
    - global scores table


    there is also lite version.

    Posted 8 years ago #

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