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Angry Fly Survival - now on the AppStore for FREE

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  1. USO_Apps

    Welcome to the world of Angry Fly!
    A game for all ages!
    You will be amazed by the beautiful graphics, sound effects and the addictive gameplay.
    If you’re looking for a beautiful, addictive platformer for the iPhone/iPad, then look no further: Angry Fly Survival, an update of action arcade game “Angry Fly” is now on Apple devices for free.
    Dive into the adventures of cute Angry Fly, who is to fight with lots of enemies (sluggish & nimble wasps, massive drones, tricky caterpillars, snails with beehives) to take them down, while picking up food bonuses. The enemies will attack in “waves”, each time with more & more power, so it will be harder to survive - it will be a struggle for life and death! Your goal is to hold out as long as possible, to defeat more enemies and to collect maximum food for bonuses. Don’t forget to secure yourself - use helmets, vests, various types of weapon to get the best score.
    Update has crisp, clear graphics, very intuitive touch controls, and some intensely challenging shoot 'em up gameplay. Arcade flying game combines nice, cartoon graphics & hand drawn environments, funny music & sound effects, easy touch controls, relaxing yet challenging flight experience.

    ★ Fun, Fun, Fun for all ages!
    ★ Achievements with best level score, best total score, leaderboard
    ★ Addictive game and funny characters, you will love it...
    ★ Easy and intuitive controls
    ★ Bright and colorful graphics
    ★ Weapon store using your earned virtual cash, nine different types to choose from
    ★ Universal App.

    Try "Angry Fly Survival"!
    More great journeys ahead!
    Don't forget to rate Angry Fly Survival!
    Customer satisfaction is very important for us.

    *****SUPPORT US*****
    Help us create a better game by visiting our website and social pages!
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    Enjoy this challenge!!! Have Fun!!!

    Posted 5 years ago #
  2. jhonsmith

    Its awesome. Really interesting game and I love the game play. It have a good graphics and sound effect. I use to play it in my spare time.

    Posted 5 years ago #

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