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Aww, Eggplant!? - A fun and addicting new game for the iPhone/iPod Touch!

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  1. stemz0r

    Hey App Chatter Community!

    My name is Anthony Palma and I'm currently a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center as well as a game developer. Two friends from the program (Alex Kowalski, Tyler Emptage) and I have created a fun, addicting, Unity3D physics-based skill game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad titled "Aww, Eggplant!?" that was just released in the App Store! The full game only costs $0.99 and a free, ad-supported version is on the way as well.

    App Store Link:

    Features include:
    -Fast-paced physics-based skewering gameplay
    -Unique and intuitive one-touch controls that make picking up and playing a cinch
    -Never-ending level tiers that get more difficult to pass as you progress
    -Six hilarious themes to keep the level progressions entertaining and interesting
    -Four unique mini-games to mix up gameplay styles
    -Original music and sound effects -- all from one guy's unaltered voice.
    -Tons of visceral feedback to let you know how you're performing
    -GameCenter Integration with 10 Leaderboards and 30 Achievements for GameCenter-enabled devices (built with Prime31's beautiful plugin)
    -Created by only three grad students!!

    The goal of the game is simple: Skewer as many veggies as possible within the time limit, but don't skewer any eggplants! Earn enough points to pass each round and work towards a high score! Anthropomorphized veggies constantly fly out from each side of the screen spinning and screaming, and your job is to skewer them while they're in mid-air to earn points. It's that simple!

    Below are the links to our Teaser Trailer and Gameplay videos to give you a better feel for how the game plays and the mood of the game.

    Teaser Trailer:

    Gameplay Trailer:

    Please support your indie college bootstrapping developer friends and pick up a copy of Aww, Eggplant!? today!

    Many thanks,
    -The Aww, Eggplant!? Team

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