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Bar defender

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  1. Tips and tricks:

    You can get fresh informations from Bar defender's facebook page. Become fan and enjoy it! :)

    Game description:

    "A castle of booze is what we are defending here. This is better than any castle filled with gold and treasures untold. This fight should surely bring out the best in us as we try to safeguard our drinking hole. The big bad enemy Bar Defender is a multinational company which is threatening to tear the pub down and build an ugly car park in its place. So we take on the role of the valiant bartender and try to stop the heartless builders from achieving their land-grabbing scheme.

    And how do we carry out our defense plan? Since we are not in a real castle where we will have bows and arrows and such other weapons, we have to make do with what we have. That’s right, we are going to use the booze bottles in the house.

    Bar Defender has got great game controls. We simply have to drag to aim, and then release to get the bottle whirling towards the offender. Our strength here is our morale; we need to keep believing that we can defeat the giant company. If our self-belief runs out, then the game is up for us. But no worries, for we can always come back and start the round afresh. There are three slots provided, so we can have our own personalized game running on the same device even when others use it.

    Extropia International seems to be operating on a triple five formula, for there are five kinds of beverages, enemies and level-end bosses each. The drinks have got their own special features like weight and damage. The enemies are quite colorful themselves and are as vile as they can get, from construction workers to bulldozers."

    /Thanks to Yoyo from iPhone Footprint for this review!/

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  2. If you like the game you can buy it here for only 0.99$!!

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