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Bushwacker: Arcade Style Game

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  1. f84games

    From the team that brought you the highly rated Railroad Madness on the iPhone and iPad, F84 Games is back with a new addictive and easy to play game, Bushwacker.

    Game Description:
    Civilians are on a jungle mission in search of lost treasure. Little do they know that savages are lurking in the bush waiting for them. The civilians need your help to navigate the jungle, to get gold and escape safely.
    The game board is composed of 4 vertical paths. 3 paths lead to the savages and the civilian’s demise. The remaining path will lead to gold and safety. Tapping the bush between the vertical dirt paths “Wacks” routes the civilians will follow. As the civilians move from the top to the bottom of the game board they follow each path and route that they encounter.
    When routes are created, they will exist throughout the level until it’s complete. So, you better keep a close eye on where your civilians are heading… one wrong route and you will lead them straight to the savages.
    Players can control their games pace by holding down the speed button. Civilians will race along the paths rapidly until you release the button and then they will return to their regular speed.
    With each level, Bushwacker becomes increasingly more difficult. The civilians move faster and preexisting routes add confusion for you and the civilians. If the civilians are lead to the savages your game is over.

    We really appreciate your feedback and review of the game.

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