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Can the devil buy your soul? Or are you a pain in the A##? Find out!

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  1. GlobalDelight

    How often have you wanted to just lie back, pick your iPhone/iPod touch and indulge in some plain stress busting activity (or mindless fun)? Then look no further, ‘cos Wisen Up is THE app for you on your iPhone/iPod touch. With 12 categories of entertainment such as Personality quizzes with some unexpected and hilarious outcomes, shocking ancient cures, weird phobias and many more, supported with a lot of funny illustrations, Wisen Up will keep you arrested for a long while. Find out how much you love your boss or how to cure acne with diapers and much more.

    Get Wisen Up now, from the App Store
    May thine bulb, shineth always!

    Also check out our other app, WordDigest, English Dictionary, Thesaurus and spell checker for your iPhone/iPod touch on the App Store.

    Do give us your suggestions and feedback. We would love to hear from you.

    -Global Delight

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