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    Nesting dolls have always been a popular choice among people shopping for Russian souvenirs. A visit to the Sergiyev Posad monastery is often incomplete without buying a nesting doll sold by the vendors outside the Russian Orthodox Church,ralph lauren sandals women. Not everyone knows that these humble looking wooden dolls are a product of devilishly complicated work and it takes months on end to complete a single set of Babushka,ralph lauren polo handbag.But it's not only these dolls that are hard to produce,cheap polo ralph lauren striped for men; there are similar handicrafts that need elaborate work. Here's a list of popular Russian handicrafts that are a result of sophisticated techniques that are mastered over years of practice.Lacquer Boxes: Nobody but the Russians can perfect the art of turning simple papier-mâché boxes into an elaborate piece of art. The boxes are so called because of the layers of lacquer that's applied to the insides and outsides of papier-mâché boxes to produce a shiny effect. Sometimes, the paintings are so exquisite and the strokes so fine, that the brush used to paint them are made from just one or two squirrel hairs. Strokes so made are only visible through a magnifying glass; yet they are sharp enough to define the picture. Artists painting these boxes generally undergo rigorous training and are apprenticed under established artisans. Lacquer boxes made in the Russian villages of Fedoskino, Palekh,cheap ralph lauren accessories, Kholui and Mstera are also known to be widely sought after. If you're looking for genuine products, make sure that the boxes are certified by officially recognized organizations. These boxes are also imprinted with the village's trademark.Russian Eggs: The popularity of Russian eggs is second only to the wooden nesting dolls. The credit for making them popular goes to Peter Carl Faberge who made the first Faberge egg for the Empress Maria Fedorovna,wholesale polo ralph lauren womens sandals. Handmade wooden eggs have always been a traditional gift during Easter. Needless to say, the tradition disappeared under the communist regime. But it was soon resurrected after the 90's and the tradition of gifting these eggs with the old tradition of planting a triple kiss on the cheeks came back. They are now commonly available through online retail shops that sell Russian souvenirs.Russian porcelain dolls: Russian porcelain dolls are very popular among doll collectors. These dolls are elaborately clothed in traditional attire and are representative of women from various walks of life; from a Russian peasant bride to even a Czarina.Buying these handicrafts isn't a problem, thanks to online stores that sell Russian souvenirs at an affordable price.

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