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ClipBoard Pro (iPad Version)

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  1. snowwar

    ClipBoard Pro (iPad Version)


    No more pain remembering and recollecting URLs, Web Archives, Text and Pictures on your iPad. ClipBoard Pro is a fantastic application which I found so user friendly that it handles and solves all my data caching related burden, and takes care of all my favorite links and data. This (short-term storing) facility is an ease for transferring the data between documents or applications. I have been using ClipBoard Pro on my iPhone for more than 6 months, now the iPad version is even better.

    This application extensively reduces my time, providing an array of awesome features. Now I can manage my Text, URL's, Web archives, Pictures, just with a finger click.

    All I can say is that you will definitely believe my words when you'll experience the all new "ClipBoard Pro" for iPad. This is one must-have application on your iPad.

    Just Copy --> Cache --> Paste it wherever-whenever I need it.

    New Feature on my iPad version:
    * Enable or Disable automatic copying of Cache to Clipboard tab
    * If I have copied with the cache disabled, I have to manually cache it using the cache tab
    * I can cache data in Clipboard whatever I have copied from any application
    * Supports organizing / deleting / caching of data
    * Recent – only copy actions in Clipboard pro will be reflected in the Recent tab
    * Recent items limited to 5, 10, 15 or 20


    Posted 7 years ago #

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