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[coming soon] Flingy

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  1. cogniflame

    Hi - we're a small independent developer based in Brisbane and we're about 2 weeks from submitting a new game to Apple - Flingy. I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a quick pre-release announcement, hope that's ok :-)

    Flingy is a simple, fun, pick-up and play arcade title.

    Swing around points, get propelled upwards with your jetpack, and swing around special points for extra boost, score increases, etc. Just try not to lose your momentum or fall off the bottom of the screen!

    You play as Flingy, a cute character with limp arms and legs that swing all over as he is propelled ever higher.

    The game features:

    - Continuous art that changes as Flingy gets higher and higher.
    - Original music that changes with the levels to keep the player going
    - Special boosts, timed spheres, rockets and more
    - Online score-keeping through OpenFeint.
    - Social integration with Twitter and Facebook

    The game is scheduled for release the first week of October!

    You can see a screenshot here (hope that works!)

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. cogniflame

    Just a quick update to this one to let you know that the Flingy game trailer video is now available on YouTube:

    Still planning on submitting to Apple for approval this week :-)

    Posted 7 years ago #
  3. cogniflame

    Me again :-) A further update: Flingy has been approved and is now available on the App Store (woot!). Here's the link:

    Many thanks for everyone's support :-)

    Posted 7 years ago #
  4. cogniflame

    Version 1.1 of Flingy is now on the App Store. Updates include:

    - Help guide with video and images
    - Feedback, bonus boost, and bonus points for good flings
    - Momentum-dial to help get you into the 'great fling' groove
    - bug fixes

    There's also a new gameplay vid on YouTube at:

    Hope you enjoy :-)

    Posted 7 years ago #

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