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Counting Time just released!!!

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  1. mjsdabeast

    This great new game is out and I just wanted to tell everyone about it here are the details:

    Counting Time is a simple, but amazingly addicting counting game!!
    *5 Second Timer Attack*
    *Different Game Modes*

    *For Beginner, Easy, Medium, and Hard-

    Simply choose how many seconds you would like to count for. Then, press the next button and start counting until you think you reach the selected time, then you press that same button again to find out how close you were. It will tell you how many seconds you counted and if you were close or not.
    - Beginner - 15 seconds *NEW*
    - Easy - 30 seconds
    - Medium - 60 seconds
    - Hard - 120 seconds
    *All New Extras*

    *10 Seconds for getting past half court on basketball *NEW*

    *5 seconds for soccer/basketball inbound plays *NEW*

    *All New Game Mode*
    5 Second Timer Attack - Challenge your friends to see who can get the closest to exactly 5.00 seconds in this very addicting game mode!!!

    Video Review(version 1.1 older video):

    Posted 7 years ago #

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