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Doodle Sky Coming Up! The best Air Control iPhone Game Ever!

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  1. eason_xu

    Doodle Sky
    Price: Free
    Platform: iPhone 3G
    Rating: Five Star
    Estimated Release Date: July 10th
    Visit Uwingame:

    Get ready for air combat?
    Desire your own powerful aircrafts? UFO? Alien helicopter? Stealth aircraft? Check!
    Come to UWinGame studio’s most recent game-- Doodle Sky!
    Here you will find various challenging tasks, like protecting base and VIP plane, destroying aircraft carrier or ambush transport squadron. I bet you will LOVE it!

    Watch game video on YouTube:

    You may see the screenshots here:!/album.php?aid=24772&id=136313009718075

    1. Smooth and Sensitive Control.
    You could control your plane just by an easy slide on your iPhone.
    Your plane will fly within the route you assigned. If there is an enemy plane in your range of fire, your plane will shoot automatically. You could also launch missile when you see the "bomb" like symbol on your plane.

    Besides, we added an almanac system into this game where you could browse all the aircrafts (yours and enemies).

    2. Unique Features.
    As many as 8 kinds of planes to choose from, those planes all have their own features. If you are tired of using one plane, then choose another to fight! I specially recommend the UFO! Strong! Fast! OMG, its attack is AOE...

    3. Variety of Game Mode.
    In this game, your mission is not just to shoot. You also need to protect VIP, to hold your position and some other tasks.

    4. Achievement and Rating System
    Challenge yourself! Your performance in each level will be recorded and rated by the system. Try your best to reach higher level! There are also many funny titles for you to reach, like:
    Protracted Battle: It reminded me that the battle lasted for really long time…
    Bystander: You just watched the carrier-borne aircraft coming out from the carrier and did nothing.
    Tactician: You killed the green hands without launching any missile.

    5. Integrate OpenFeint.
    With the most popular OpenFeint, you could compare your score with your friends, and communicate with them on social platforms.

    Follow Doodle Sky on Facebook

    One more thing:
    Who click the “Like” button to become of fan of Doodle Sky will have chance to win a big surprise!!!
    The promotional time is limited, try it right now!

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. eason_xu

    Platform changed to: iPhone/iPad/iTouch

    Posted 7 years ago #

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