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Enter ABC

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  1. sun

    Don't be suspicious. This is what you and your kids want.
    “Enter ABC” is an application for kids to learn English Alphabets. It includes two parts. One of them is “Alphabet Cards”. Another part is “Cards Game”.

    “Alphabet Cards” include 26 cards. Each card has a letter of lower case and upper case and a word related to this letter. For example “A with apple”.In each card, there is a special doodle picture for kids learning alphabet and improving theirs perceiving abilities at the same time. When your kids touch letters, words, phonetic symbols or doodle pictures in cards, they will hear standard English pronunciation. It will be soon for your babies to get fun since they get to know the letters and then speak it out.

    Alphabet cards are very suitable for parents to teach their kids. It’s very useful for your kids to improve their perceiving abilities and very helpful to deepen the relationship between parents and kids when they use this application together.

    “Card Game” is awesome. You can turn the card according to the order of the Alphabet. You will find if you touch a right card from the picture of the card’s back. If you don’t know which card is your next . Be patient. The picture which is shaking on the screen is the next one you should touch. This game is timed. So, don’t think too much. If you are fast enough, you will get “combo star”. When you finish the game, you will know how long it takes to play the game and how many combo stars you will get. Kids will get familiar with all the alphabets and find pleasure very soon in playing this game. In fact, not only for kids, I also like playing this game very much.

    Playing Rules
    <=Alphabet Cards=>

    1.Enter catalogue, swipe your finger up and down, then you will find thumbnail of all alphabets.

    2.Press the thumbnail then enter full card mode.

    3.Changing cards through hand singles: swipe right or left on the screen

    4.Changing cards through buttons: click left arrow or right arrow in toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

    5.Play alphabet pronunciation: play alphabet pronunciation by clicking alphabet or phonetic symbol.

    6.Play word pronunciation: Play word pronunciation by clicking word or picture.

    7.Hide or reveal navigation bar and tool bar: double click the screen.

    <=Cards Game=>

    1.Touch cards through the order of the Alphabet before time-up

    2.Success tip: smiling star or successful sound means right operation. The card will be turned to other alphabet or a part of the final background picture.

    3.The game will prolong its playing time when you click right.

    4.Error tip: grey and sad star means wrong operation. The card will be turned back.

    5.The game will shorten its playing time when you click wrong.

    6.Combo hit: If you click fast enough, there will be a star icon with number at the top right corner of the screen. The number means times of your combo hit.

    7.The game will calculate the time you’ve consumed and the number of your combo hit.

    8.Card tip : when you stop playing or play wrong for a period of time, there will be a blinking card pointing out which card you should choose.

    9.Challenge yourself and get the best record.


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