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  1. samvit

    After an incredible save off a Frank Lampard free kick, Manchester United's goalkeeper,
    David de Gea rolls the ball out onto the right where Antonio Valencia makes an incredible break down the wing, running past Ivanovic, jumping over a sliding Bosingwa and reaching within just about 45 yards from the Chelsea goalpost when he's encountered by the wily, John Terry. Realizing he's got no way out of the challenge, he passes the ball onto a waiting Dimitar Berbatov at the center who, with a magical first touch gets the ball into space within the penalty box, and shoots. The ball flies past the goal post, missing it by a whisker and the fans heave a huge sigh of dejection with their hands on their heads. After a minute's silence, the 85,000 strong crowd at Old Trafford burst into a high, pulsating baritone chant to edge their team on. Sitting at home, watching the match on our television sets, what we hear sounds nothing more than a random, meaningless and incomprehensible rant. It sounds garbled.

    How many times have we encountered situations like these where we have absolutely no idea what on earth the fans are humming, but which sounds peppy, catchy and inspiring by the way it's hummed. Well, guess what! Those rants and mumbles and hums, they're actual songs with pretty real lyrics! Imagine if you were at the stadium while the fans were at it, you'd probably have to mime your way through the entire chant, and if that weren't enough, you'd probably have to do so for over a dozen more such chants. FANCHANTS is probably the only app going around which gives you every chant associated with every football team across the world from country specific chants to club specific ones, from manager specific ones to player specific ones, it's got everything. Some of the chants have been recorded live and with the lyrics, you could do your own karaoke and save yourself a few blushes.

    The app also categorizes chants into "Funny", "Fame", "Classic", "Angry" and "Old". So, instead of browsing through all the chants of your team, you could go through any of these, depending on your mood. I must mention that there are a few chants which are very raw and explicit and might need parental guidance! Even though the words are starred out, it doesn't need a rocket scientist to figure out what those words are and if you listened very carefully, you could even hear the fans sing them out loud! This app also allows you to post your own chants, save your favorite chants and download them as ringtones "for the price of a beer", as mentioned by the developers.

    But as the developers have very bluntly said, " if you love your footie, you must have this app!" And I stand by them. A football maniac like myself has just just fallen head over heels in love with this app and I would strongly recommend everyone who lives and worships football to download it too. Through FANCHANTS, the idea of following your team or favorite club just got bigger.

    Posted by Samvit G. Menon ROVERSIDE APPS

    Posted 8 years ago #

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