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Fly with Puzzle Birds!!!

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  1. Diablo


    When it comes to bird’s game, many people might think of the famous game----Angry Birds. Maybe a lot of people have passed the Angry Birds Space with full 3 stars. Thus it can be seen that how charming is the bird’s game. Now I will recommend a game also about bird----Puzzle Birds!


    Player should control the bird’s flight path and avoid all the obstacles to pass the levels. Must collect all the balloons can you be succeed. At the beginning player might think the game is so easy, even the 3-year old children can handle it, but it’s just like climbing the stairs, the later the more challenges have.


    At the third level it will appear a dark cloud, later there is a cloud that can rain, a cloud that can thunder, a cloud that can invisible and so many clouds. Later the bird must fly twice to collect the bubbles and balloons. The bird’s destiny is under your control. Only collect the star is not enough, because all the balloons must be collected. According to the stars that you collected, the level is divided into 1 to 3 stars. All the things will go with the wind if the balloons are not all collected.


    Collect the stars and get to the next level! If you want to take a challenge then you need to see whether you could unhook all the stars! Game has a cartoon background combined with relaxing music. Simple operation makes player handle quickly. Certain difficulties and not lose the challenge. Puzzle birds is a good parent-child educational game! You can download at the APP store. It also has a free version!

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