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Fruit Steps : Get addicted to fruit on your iPhone !! (new iPhone game)

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  1. ElamGames

    Get addicted to fruit on your iPhone !!

    Fruit Steps
    Is a brand new exciting strategic game for the iPhone. Compete with other players to gain the Global High Score.

    Now available on the App Store here:

    Game description:
    The objective of Fruit Steps is to create combinations of 2 or 3 similar symbols. Each combination of 2 or 3 similar symbols will step up to the next row. The higher a combination steps up, the higher the score. At the start of each new game you will have 2 lives available. Start placing symbols on the bottom row and try to create combinations. The Joker symbol is a wild symbol. When the bottom row is completely filled a game round ends and you will lose 1 life. If you still have lives left a new game round is started. Extra lives can be won by achieving the next live target score.

    About Elam Games
    Elam Games is an activity of Elam Group Electronic Amusement B.V. and is situated in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. Elam Group B.V. develops and distributes innovative gaming concepts on different platforms.

    We hope you like it!

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