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[GAME] uBoing - A New Physics Based Game! [iPhone/iPad]

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  1. TandGApps

    Hi everyone :)

    Our new game, uBoing (previously known as uPong, it was changed due to Atari's trademark PONG) is now available on the app store!

    Its easy to pick up, free, and available on both iPhones and iPads.
    The aim of the game is simple, throw the pong ball into the cup to get through the level!
    It gets progressively harder on the later zones, and more interesting, with various rotating, moving objects to get in your way!

    Please click the itunes link for more information! And if any of you download it, thank you, its much appreciated and i hope you enjoy.

    Heres afew screenshots aswell..

    Posted 6 years ago #

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