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[Great Free Game]Rise of Empire, an Incredible Strategy Game on iOS

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  1. pwmobile2012

    Like many strategy fans, I constantly hope to find quality SLG games on iOS. The platform is perfect for the genre and many of us have even been hoping that some big developers rerelease a perfect SLG game on iOS. Recently, I found a new game called Rise of Empire, which is an incredible SLG that borders on flawless.

    Let me start off by saying something about its settings. It is set in Europe of medieval times. On the path of technology and industry development, conflicts between each country grew like rising tide. Among all great powers, three families named Fugger Medici and Tudor became three major rulers on the land of Europe. Every one of them has great ambition of unify the whole Europe. Therefore, war has come. I chose Fuggle not only for its fantastic commercial strength and impressive prosperity in history but also a dream of being an enlightened lord worthy to be revered.

    As one of those who are very fond of stunning graphics, I was attracted by its beautiful medieval arts and culture after my character creation. Rise of Empire, in any case, presents a medieval world filled with breathtaking visuals to be explored, embracing elegant constructs, delicate characters, especially every scene with reasonable layout.

    It seems to me that quest system means the soul of a game, as long as it won’t make me sick as a result of boring reiteration. It is amazing when I found it gives me a option of three types of quests.

    The production of resource takes on a more interactive model instead of the traditional self-sufficiency. Friends give me a hand eagerly when it reaches the harvest time, and never forget to pick up a little bit remuneration either.

    Campaign consists of several stages and chapters with a longer span. A brand new gameplay experience pleasantly surprised me at the moment of clearing the battle to won plenty of awsome rewards. Eventhough I strived to play a role like a pacific lord, still battles took place every half seconds. Anyway, advanced enermy and enmous challenging campaigns deliver a more intense and engaging combat experience.

    Multiplayer gameplay is developed to the fullest extent and it is incredible. Apart from stealing resources from others, players could form unbreakable alliance with others in order to gain more benefit. I became a member of a great alliance with 60 people after level of 15.

    If you were born to be an aggressive tyrant revolving around how to destroy all your neighbors’ towns to conquer the land, don’t skimp on declaring war on them. In addition, the competition in Arena is also the witness of one’s ambition and success. From newbie to pro, my neighbors and I will slash every foe in the battle ground. There are various maps that players can fight on, all research is available for the units, and the chat system works perfectly.

    As a popular saying goes “Two heads are better than one”, the same is the case with my empire rise. I absolutely agree that a successful sovereign can’t live without his loyal companions. Yes,many a famous historic character has pledged loyalty to me. Upon help of these great people, I will conquer the world in the near future. But before that, I need to train my heroes and soldiers, gain as much advanced equipment as possible to improve the power of my troops.

    Once I thought everything was done within my routine, I always kept it in mind that some loyal subjects having nice advice were still waiting for my generous permission in the town. This game goes beyond expectation by the addition of ‘Random Events’, an extra way to improve attributes like resource, population and Lord XP by spending certain cost.

    Both the graphics and music were incredible. The music has an imperial theme and it fits the theme of the game perfectly. I never got sick of the music or sound effects. And the graphics are perfect for an SLG. The whole battlefield looks like a drawn map. The units just happen to move about that map.

    There’s no question that every SLG fan should try this game. Even gamers that don’t generally enjoy strategies should give this a try. Rise of Empire is one of the best games I’ve played on iOS in quite a while.
    You can download this free game in iTunes now!

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