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Gun Center HD- Unique iPhone & iPad App for fans of weapons. Update 1.5 released

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  1. rosmediapp

    Gun Center HD is an unique iPhone & iPad application for fans of weapons.
    2 in 1 - Gun Builder and Rifle Range!

    Just look at YouTube Video!

    Gun Center HD - Open in iTunes!

    What will you find in Gun Center HD?

    1. GAME

    Gun Builder - firearm assembly time trial. 29 types of firearms.

    Handguns: Beretta 92fs, Colt 1911, CZ75, Desert Eagle, Glock, Makarov, P08 Parabellum, H&K USP, Vis Wz. 35, Walther P.38, Walther P.99.

    Submachine Guns: FN P90, KP/-31, MP 40, MP5, PM-84 Glauberyt.

    Rifles: AK 47, L85, M 16, AUG-77, SG 44.

    Machine Guns: B.A.R., M249, MG 42.

    Sniper Rifles: SSG 69, SWD DRAGUNOV.

    Shotguns: SAIGA 12, SPAS 15, MOSSBERG 500.

    Compete with others! Game Center (for iPhone 4 users) and Ranking Gun Shooter (specifically for iPhone 1, iPhone 2, iPhone 3 users) available!


    Three movies showing how to assembly a firearm in the Game.


    22 types of firearms. Unlock firearms in the Game to use them:

    AK47, M16, Glock, USP, AUG77, P90, DRAGUNOV, MOSSBERG, MP5, B.A.R., Desert Eagle, Walther P.38 & P.99, Makarov, Colt 1911, CZ75, P08 Parabellum, M249, SG44, SPAS, MP40, SAIGA.


    History of firearms - Background, Handgun, Long guns, Automatic weapons.


    Descriptions of all firearms occurring in the application.

    Enjoy! :)

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