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How Clapping Kittens Saved The Day

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    If you are a parent with a toddler and have a smart phone, the new world of mobile applications that caters to a little kids, is a true god-send. Suddenly you have a powerful distraction-entertainment-education tool in the palm of your hand! Studies show that most children act up because they are feeling powerless or out of control in the big confusing adult world. Well-designed phone app games are able to bring the control back to the child by giving them a calming sense of control.
    One of the games that is gaining great reviews in this space is Clapping Kittens, just released on the iPhone platform and soon coming to the Android and Windows phones. Designed by two overwhelmed fathers, Clapping Kittens is a delightful game where Muffins, an adorable cartoon kitten meows, dances, and of course claps when you or your toddler touch the screen. He even giggles when you touch his tummy! Just that much, can bring a smile to the toddler’s face. But Muffins can also sing adorable meowing versions of popular kids songs, totally engrossing the child in the “action!” Try is for yourself. Download the Clapping Kitten from the iPhone Appstore.

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